Unified Information Management & Collaboration Platform

Save and manage all important organizational data across multiple apps and sources at one centralized place.

Great Things Can Happen

Collaboration requires interaction over multiple mediums which results in scattered conversations & loss of critical data points

Save any thing from any app instantly

Our relational matrix structure allows you to organize your data and add 10 unique tags to each piece of information that you save.

Find information, in a second

Our advanced search query feature makes retrieving information as easy as ABC. Apply up to 14 different conditions.

All your information on one screen

Never miss any data. Eliminate information silos and get a comprehensive view of all your notes, reminders, meetings, chats, etc. at a glance.

Create chat & video calls & manage groups

Chat and Create/Manage groups, threads and messages easily with our unique tag-enabled search feature.

App Features

An All-in-One App that helps you save data from anywhere instantly, structure and recall it with ease, and collaborate with
teams remotely, while protecting your intellectual property.

Multi factor security authentication

Prevent re-share & forward of information

Knowledge transfer from old to new employee

Schedule push notifications

Single click save from app screen

Interconnect info on multiple parameters

Multi filter to create customized view

Single click share to multiple channels

Keep Calm & Stay in Control

What happens on Hylyt stays on Hylyt.
Brought to you by a team working with HIPAA & other security protocols for more than 15 years

Keep data on your own server

HyLyt offers you the option of hosting your data on your own server if you so desire.

Withdraw Data & Restrict Access

Protect your IP by withdrawing access rights or pulling sensitive data back at any time.

Customize User Permissions

Control who is allowed to see, share and edit data on HyLyt.

Our Process

Never miss a reminder or a data point.
Eliminate information silos & get a comprehensive view of all your notes, reminders, meetings, chats, etc., at a glance.

Step 1


Be it your browser, emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other app, with Hylyt, you're just one tap away from saving all your data.

Step 2


Managing your data would be a lot easier if it is racked up at one place and interconnected, wouldn't it?

Step 3


Extracting the right information at the right time has always been a toilsome experience for you, hasn't it? Hylyt saves all at one tap.

Our Achievements

Awards & Recognition’s by your friendly neighborhood SuperApp making you Powerful, Profitable and Productive

What Our Clients Say

See the testimonials from our happy clients

Murli V
Murli V
@Murli V
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“HyLyt, can help with ease to wade through, a flood of data and mostly unstructured and fragmented information in your work life, and helps highlight organize and store the same in a structured way which otherwise mostly gets lost or not retrievable when you need it most”
Sharad Mittal
Sharad Mittal
@Sharad Mittal
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“HyLyt is a very innovative tool that brings a step change in productivity and reach with a company. Its unique features of offering secured messaging and data indexing, helps save significant time. A must for any corporate employee.”
Michael Newman
Michael Newman
@Michael Newman
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“Launching this app is a great testament to HyLyt’s management team. I am impressed by their ability to understand and execute the necessary priorities. I’m excited to see this next stage of HyLyt’s growth.”
Anil Jha
Anil Jha
@Anil Jha
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Hylyt solves one of the trickiest data problems – organizing and managing data to give time back to us. In this technology jungle where every application wants to overload us with data, HyLyt provides a relief”

Download Hylyt Today!

Hylyt can solve your pain points with secured and private business communication & collaboration.

HyLyt is an umberella. It has all your important information at one place. It makes things simpler and easier. You don’t need 100 different apps to find your information. Get one app that can do it for you.

Save storage space, Save your data, Save everything that is important to you, Manage your data & manage user rights for your data. Do everything with HyLyt.

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