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LinkedIn Lead Generation

Get highly targeted, cost-effective Marketing Qualified Leads for your sales team

Accelerate Your Revenue Growth on LinkedIn

We significantly increase the quantity and quality of your B2B sales leads with our LinkedIn Lead Generation services

Understanding a LinkedIn lead generation funnel and its functionality is important to digital marketing

How businesses get their valued pool of prospective customers that eventually can be turned into paying clients is probably the most crucial part of any business development strategy.

LinkedIn’s Differentiating Value for B2B firms

Why does Think Big Digital utilize LinkedIn for lead generation?

Transparency of Source of the Leads
Highly Targeted Prospecting
Key Intent of the Prospects

Think Big Digital works with successful business executives, consultants, and founders from around the world to help accelerate sales opportunities within their ideal client market. We have a one-of-a-kind expertise in knowing how to skillfully combine LinkedIn with email in a strategic manner to position you in such a way as to motivate your prospective clients to connect and engage with you resulting in new business opportunities, market share and revenues.

Our 3 LinkedIn Lead Generation Pillars

Proper lead management is focused on three pillars that serves as the backbone of your lead generation funnel

Lead Capture

We understand the critical components to generate great results from your lead capturing efforts particularly the Product you are marketing, the Message or the Presentation that you are sending out to prospects, and the channel from where all engagement will take place.

Lead Qualification

Not all leads captured are viable or qualified. So it is important that the prospects undergo lead qualification to determine if the lead can become a true marketing lead, which eventually can become an opportunity, or if the prospects needs further nurturing.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a process that gives marketers good insight on how to deliver the right kind of messages to the right kind of people at the proper time. For this we do conversations, engagements and opportunity marketing to nurture the prospects in efficient way.

How do we get Business Opportunities from LinkedIn?

Our approach generates warm targeted leads from LinkedIn with multiple touches, while building your reputation as an authority in your market

Step 1

Target Accounts Discovery

First, we’ll review your current sales and marketing and how it relates to this new marketing plan. For high-value B2B offerings with potentially long sales cycles, it is essential to “80/20” your target account list by first eliminating low-probability candidates. We achieve this by building a target list of accounts and multiple decision-makers within those accounts. We prioritize companies exhibiting buying behavior or trigger events that indicate heightened interest.  This reduces wasted time and money, and increases lead quality significantly.

Step 2

Client-Centric Profile

Your LinkedIn Profile is the number one place your prospective client will form an opinion of you as to whether they’ll do business with you or not. It’s vital that your profile is properly setup to showcase you’re likable, talented, and credible. Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service begins by optimizing your LinkedIn profile to present the best value proposition. We then develop hyper-targeted Advanced Searches and send connection invitations to ideal target customers. This will dramatically increase your visibility with ideal prospects across LinkedIn.

Step 3

Lead Market Research

In this step, we’ll use LinkedIn’s advanced search abilities including Boolean and unique group searches to pull targeted and segmented leads. We’ll use filters such as geography, industry, company size, title, 2/3rd degree, and group searches. When a contact or target fits the profile of your lead and has been identified as having a high lead score, then you can qualify this particular lead for further marketing. These activities builds a potential prospects database.

Step 4

Content Creation & Campaigning

After connecting with your ideal target prospects, Based on our initial Discovery Meeting, we’ll write copy that will motivate your prospective client to want to reply to you. Our successful messaging is written to motivate a specifically titled professional (i.e. CEO, CIO, CTO, COO) within a specific vertical. We will discuss a set of known pain points that you can help them with. We craft intelligent messages that encourage two-way dialogue on LinkedIn and lead to warm discovery calls with the right prospects.

Step 5

Connect, Maintain & Engage

We use a custom designed live cloud-based Lead Tracker on Google Sheets for you to track all your activities 24/7. We track the names, LinkedIn URL’s, emails and other details of each prospect. We keep a track of your LinkedIn standings of how many new LinkedIn connections we added to your account, your Profile views, and how you rank against your connections and peers

Step 6

Automated LinkedIn Sequences

Once we’ve extracted your leads, we’ll automate connecting with your targeted leads on LinkedIn. We’ll update your Campaign Lead Tracker in Google Sheets as to when and who we look to connect you with. Once they connect with you, we’ll send a personal message out to them. If they reply, we’ll text or email you who replied so you can immediately follow up. If they don’t reply, we’ll message them again and if they still don’t reply, we’ll then put them on an email sequenced campaign for the next several weeks. 

Step 7

Email Follow-Up Sequence

For those that do not initially reply to our LinkedIn connection request, we’ll initiate a personalized email campaign referencing we tried to connect with them on LinkedIn. They’ll know that we attempted to reach them as our outreach will ping their LinkedIn account. We see higher reply rates in our email outreaches because they’re notified you’ve viewed their LinkedIn Profile. We’ll send ‘persona-based’ personalized messaging over a period designed to motivate your prospect to connect and engage with you on how you can help solve their pain points.  

Step 8

You've a Lead - Manage Pipeline

Once your prospective client replies to you, you now have a ‘lead’. You will need to have your ‘system’ in place such as your CRM, your follow up messages, sales collateral, etc. When a prospect expresses interest in a conversation, we hand off the opportunity so you can take it from there.

We Leverage LinkedIn’s AI and Machine Learning - Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike is a great example of how we can leverage LinkedIn’s world-class machine-learning capabilities for your benefit. Building a lookalike audience will enable your firm to identify LinkedIn members who are currently not on your radar but who match important characteristics of prospects and customers you already have. With lookalikes, we can upload a list of your current prospects and customers, and LinkedIn will identify members who match your core audience.

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