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Social Media Marketing

It’s all about engaging and creating genuine connections with your audience.

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we help to create social media strategies

Reach Your Audience through Engaging Social Media Strategies

Using the unique channels of organic social media, your business can reach users in spaces that feel natural and conversational.

42%of the world's population uses social media. That's 3.2 billion users worldwide. (Emarsys, 2019)

Social media is everywhere. For many people, social media is used daily for entertainment, socialization, and even news consumption. Additionally, over the last two decades, it has risen as one of the primary marketing channels.

why plan social media management?

It Starts with a Social Media Plan

Our social media services begin with a detailed plan based on client marketing and business objectives. By creating and sharing relevant content that embodies your brand’s values and tone of voice, we can make your brand more memorable and relatable.

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Listening Audit

In this phase, we will audit your current social media status and reach.

Content Plan

We will understand business needs and accordingly carry out the content plan.

Visual Designs

Once the content is decided, we will proceed with visuals creation on mediums.

Drive Book

We will maintain the content journey book in order to repurpose it when needed.

this is how we do smm

Our Social Media Marketing Process

We help you create the connections & turn them into brand awareness, loyalty, and ultimately, conversions.

  • Consumers want to be a part of your brand, but they expect engagement in return.
  • Brands that routinely interact in social media effectively transform a consumer group into a community.
  • We proactively monitor online conversations pertaining to your business and join in to engage your audience in a positive way.
  • Brand Analysis: We analyse your brand values so we can create content that resonates with your audience.
  • Competitor Comparison: We develop a content strategy to lessen the competitors impact and strengthen your own after analyzing them.
  • Create Organic Content: We develop your brand voice through thoughtfully paired and appealing images and content copies.
  • Social Listening: We monitor public perception of your brand and engage in real-time discussions with interested consumers.
  • Build Trust: We establish trust with your audience by responding to their comments quickly and positively.
  • Test & Learn: We identify top performing creatives, we continue to use the ones which works to drive results.

we help to create social media ads

Social Media Advertising

Paid social is an essential part of social media marketing that can exponentially amplify your reach and drive conversions through sophisticated targeting.

Social ad spending is forecast to increase by 20% to $43 billion USD in 2020 (eMarketer, 2019)

To reach today’s consumers and make an impact, you need to focus on more than organic social media. You can take advantage of a diverse range of social platforms, each offering specific targeting methods and campaign objectives. We run both B2B and B2C campaigns across branding and conversion goals, utilizing highly tailored targeting to support your brand’s campaign initiatives.

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