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Lead Generation Accelerator Bundle

For those who want to grow their business fast, just fill in a few blanks and get tested winning email sales copy in minutes...

For All Online Business Owners who want to Sell MORE of their Products and Services

The biggest difference between those products and services that have sold millions and those that fail miserably, has almost nothing to do with the quality of what’s being sold.

While, of course, quality is important, it doesn’t make the sale … it’s the Copywriting that does that.

Why do we need Good Copywriting?

That’s because you have to be able to explain the benefits of what you’re selling, in order to get people to buy.

And, if you can’t explain those benefits better than your competition, you’ll likely get crushed.

“Copy is not written. Copy is assembled.”

– Eugene Schwartz (One of the best Copywriters in History)

So, What is the KEY for Building a Successful Business?

It's the Effective Sales Email Copy - The Copy that gets People to take ACTION!

However, there is a BIG PROBLEM

Consider asking yourself below questions

If your answer to all the above is YES, You're not alone...


It’s Not Easy to have "Great Sales Email Copy"
(i.e. a sales message that works)

Until now, we’ve really only had 2 straightforward options for getting sales copy:


Write Sales Email by yourself


Hire a Copywriter Professional

But with those options, come several additional problems…

So, where does all the above leave you?


And that’s why we're so excited to present an Email Copywriting solution that’s infinitely easier, faster, and cheaper than hiring a copywriter or learning to write sales email copy yourself!



Lead Generation Accelerator Bundle is a set of 500+ professional pre-made customizable email copywriting templates that automate the process of creating your sales email messages.

What will you get:

Pre-made Customizable Email Templates
Valuable Freebies like EBooks, Kits worth ₹5000

With Lead Generation Accelerator Bundle, you’ll get 500+ of pre-made editable email copywriting templates developed using everything we learned and gathered from the legendary copywriters.

Here's ALL you get in a nutshell..

You can generate a lot of email copywriting scripts without investing much time, risk, or expense!

& much more (over a massive 350+ page templates)

And it doesn’t even matter what you’re selling!

Lead Generation Accelerator Bundle can be used by any of the businesses

No Matter

What is Your Choosen Niche/Industry

No Matter

If you're Selling Physical or Digital Products

No Matter

If you're Selling Products or Services

No Matter

If you're Just Giving Something away for Free

If you want someone to take action, Lead Generation Accelerator Bundle can work for you!

Even better, our bundle is unbelievably simple to use

Lead Generation Accelerator Bundle works like this..

LGAB-stepsAsset 1

And THAT'S IT! It really is that simple!

After all, it makes sense, right?

So, How Much Does Lead Generation Accelerator Bundle cost?

By now, you’re probably wondering the price of ‘LEAD GENERATION ACCELERATOR BUNDLE’ and yes, it’s not a 4-digit price as our competitors charge.

Considering the COVID-19 situation, we’ve kept it as a very affordable price to an ideal Indian Customer. And most importantly, we genuinely want YOU to take FULL ADVANTAGE of this OPPORTUNITY and start getting LEADS while sitting at home.

It was a ONE-TIME LIMITED OFFER at just ₹199 (Previously sold at ₹1499)

But, to extend it further, we have decided to drop to:


For First 100 Buyers



For Next 101-200 Buyers



From Next 201+ Buyers


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(Do not judge our product by its price, its definitely giving much more in that price point. See our FAQ section)


For a Short-Time Only | The Offer Ends in...

Order Now and Receive High-Valued Exclusive Bonuses

Along with this bundle, we are also giving you Downloadable Access to 20 Premium Bonuses that really matters (No useless generic lengthy Ebooks which anyone hardly reads)

100+ Million-Dollar Headline-Writing Formulas Master Copy

130+ Proven Opt-In Headline Ideas eBook

60+ Effective Lead Magnet Ideas eBook

70+ Types of Content Marketing that Sells eBook

100+ Important Sales Qualification Questions

20+ Excellent Cold Email Scripts for Freelancers

140 Polished Actionable Growth Hacks eBook

Ultimate Pre-Launch Kit for WordPress Websites eBook

Ultimate Curated Lead Generation Kit to Jumpstart Your Business

Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Perfection Visual Cheat sheet

Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing (Powered by Digital Marketer)

Ultimate Curated Digital Marketer’s 2020 Checklist

Ultimate Social Media Hashtag 2020 Complete Calendar

Facebook Ads Lead Generation Checklist 2020

Getting Started with Social Media Checklist 2020

Content Marketing Publishing Checklist 2020

SEO Audit Checklist 2020

Landing Page That Converts Checklist 2020

Build a Lead Generation Marketing Funnel That Generates Massive Sales in 2020 eBook

Digital Marketing Toolkit eBook 2020

So, Go Ahead and

Get Lead Generation Accelerator Bundle

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Lead Generation Accelerator Bundle + Highly Valued Bonuses

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Have any Questions in mind?

Let's get your doubts cleared...

Lead Generation Accelerator Bundle is a bundle of Email Copywriting Templates, including over 500+ pre-made customizable email templates which can be edited as per requirement.

In this, No writing or sales experience needed to create sales email messages in minutes.. just fill in a few blanks and your winning sales email copy is ready!!

Yes! The scripts focuses on fundamental principles that work across the board. Not only that, but the email scripts are fully customizable to fit your unique business needs. 

It comes in PDF format and works with all operating systems.

After you purchase, you’ll get the download page link instantly. 

Do not judge our product by its price. Considering the existing COVID-19 situation and the ideal Indian customer price point mindset, we have kept it less. We want everyone to grow, become independent and capable of making money from home. That is the need of the hour.

In future, we’re planning to upgrade this as a form of a tool. Then it won’t be coming at current price, it will be either subscription based or one-time payment model.

It’s mentioned under ‘Here’s ALL you get in a nutshell..’ section above. (It’s a massive 350+ page templates)

All the pieces of content and email scripts in the bundle have been tried and tested in innumerable Industries. They have been penned down by expert copywriters with years of experience in writing engaging copy for various companies. We personally have used these for our clients as well.

If email copywriting takes you long tiresome hours or you just don’t know what to write…

Our bundle does all the hard work for you and can write a converting email copy in a matter of minutes!

Just imagine doing this with emails and getting consistent leads!!

And all of this, without hiring an expensive email copywriter!!

This bundle is suitable for Freelancers, Digital Marketers (Freshers/Experienced), Bloggers, Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Wanna-preneurs, Sales Person, Solopreneurs, Business owners.

For any support query, you can drop an email on info@thinkbigdigital.co or start live chat on https://www.tidio.com/talk/urdroujh2xbmamrjymstajkrr5wx888x

We stand behind our products and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However, because our products are digital goods delivered via Internet download we generally offer no refunds. Once payment is done and digital copy of our product is downloaded at your end, you become the owner of the file. Don’t worry, you’re not wasting your hard earned money on this, believe us. It’s an investment.

But, if you face any issue like file not working/file corrupt etc. you can drop an email on info@thinkbigdigital.co or start live chat on https://www.tidio.com/talk/urdroujh2xbmamrjymstajkrr5wx888x and our support team will get in touch with you within 24hrs.

We at Think Big Digital are a group of professional digital marketers having 7+ years experience and we deal with both on-shore and off-shore clients on daily basis. After working for several years, we’ve got a fair knowledge of what works and what not. This bundle is a very powerful collection of email copywriting scripts that landed us many clients and surely they will also work for you as well. 

After all, you’re ready for success finally, aren’t you?

How’d you like to unleash the most powerful secret power of these email copywriting templates and get them under your command?

Are you hungry for the great benefits of having effective lead generation copywriting methodology and effective outreach?

Do you hate when your current email outreaching strategy doesn’t work for you?

What if in the next 7 days you could turn into a great email communicator by just following our bundle email templates and start getting leads?

Don’t you want to put a FINAL STOP to your frustration about how to write effective emails which in turn brings quality leads for you, without hiring someone?

You’re reading what I’m saying, right?

Now listen to this closely...

To people who want to GROW but can’t get STARTED..

The quickest way I know to GROW is to learn from others, experiment and implement.

Make a difference TODAY in your life so that you can get started on your journey to riches as fast as the speed of light!

The only way you’re risking something is if you walk away empty handed from this offer…

You definitely Don't want to Miss these..

Since you WANT to be part of our SUCCESS STORY,
Order Now!!

Secure your own copy before it’s too late for only Tier 1 Price of ₹99

Special Offer Ending in...

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