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We Design WordPress Websites that are Beautiful Mobile-First Responsive SEO Ready Blazingly Fast Secure

Our USD 299 Plan includes:

For Custom WordPress Website Development Solutions, Check our other Plans.

Let your ideas become a reality!

You’re running a successful business and you have great ideas, it’s time for your website to reflect that. That’s where we can help with our WordPress expertise.

Web Design & Development is like the backbone of the website. It is what makes the website function. It is all about how the website works and how the potential customers are able to navigate through it.

Focused on the broader objective of your business growth, our services involve few steps. We discuss, plan and understand your business needs to develop the most apt site.

To Give You a Better Idea, Here Are a Handful of Our Latest Projects

We have developed/designed great websites for our clients (UK, USA, India, Australia). Some of them are listed below (these are not all because of underlying signed NDA)

Plus tablet device

VC Funding (UK/Europe)

Plus tablet device

Mobile App (India)

Plus tablet device

Executive Search (USA)

Plus tablet device

Staffing Services (USA)

Plus tablet device

Global Recruitment (India)

Plus tablet device

AI ML Community (India)

Why Build a Website with WordPress?

WordPress is the undisputed king of content management. Nearly 15% of the top 100 websites in the world are powered by WordPress. There are roughly 500 new WordPress sites being built every day.

It’s an incredibly high-performance platform

Due to widespread usage, there is a very large support community.

The platform is created to be SEO-friendly.

There is easy social media integration support.

The backend management is designed around user-friendliness.

There are a vast and highly diverse number of themes available.

Why Choose Think Big Digital for Your Website Design?

Many people assume that the user-friendliness of WordPress means that anyone can design a top-notch website. While this is true to an extent, building out a highly intuitive platform that creates meaningful relationships with visitors, seamlessly guides them down the buyer’s journey, and perfectly exemplifies brand values takes a very, very specialized touch.

If you are looking to carve out your own space on the internet, then Think Big Digital is the one where your search ends.
Reasons why you should choose us include:

Excited for sharing your project? Go ahead and let us unburden you!

We Do it in a Professional Way

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


We're Experienced with Diverse Set of Tools

We have a good experience of diverse set of tools, ranging from page builders and marketing tools to hosting tools. Some of them are listed below.

Page Builders

Email Marketing Platforms

Hosting and Domain

Website Security

Security plugin installation including Wordfence, iTheme Security, and much more.

CloudFlare CDN, DDoS mitigation, Internet security implementation.

What Our Clients Say

This is What We Do and Why We Do.

If anyone is looking to create a website that aligns with who you are and what you represent. I recommend Think Big Digital - Rakesh Ghumatkar is the best in the business. His team listens first and spends all the time needed to bring your vision alive. They will be with you from idea to product/website.

Naveed Patel

Naveed Patel
Co-Founder, Managing Partner at Scalepex | Founder, CEO at CaddyDad | Partner, CSO at Triadh AI

“Rakesh and his team have been extremely helpful, responsive and quick in building an amazing website. Rakesh has a great business understanding and excellent communication skills, making the technical process of creating a website very easy and efficient. On the technical side, Amol led the development and has demonstrated an outstanding quality of service and delivery.”

Aurelien Mir

Aurelien Mir
Director at Auremis Consulting, UK

"Rakesh Ghumatkar, founder of thinkbigdigital.co has been a crucial component to the growth of my business. His knowledge and experience helped guide my business to more profitable and effective marketing. He redesigned my LinkedIn profile improved my internet presence and SEO, and led a number of strategies that worked very well for us. He was instrumental in generating sales leads for me. He has a great team of graphic designers. I recommend Rakesh Ghumatkar and his group of companies for his quality of work and professionalism."
Trushar Mody
Encore Consulting Group
Atlanta, USA

Trushar Mody

Trushar Mody
Emotional Intelligence Global Trainer. Business Strategist, Outside-The-Box Thinker

I have now worked with Rakesh for 18 months. He is meticulous when it comes to detail. His work has driven results to our organization, specifically his team has helped us get an 1100% return on our investment. Now about to scale further. Rakesh is very customer service driven and truly cares about what he does. A true professional that is always "available" to our every want and need. Very refreshing and a pleasure to work with.

Nigel Mayne, CFE

Nigel Mayne, CFE
Founder of MatchPoint Group Inc.

Rakesh has been a vital part of my business, helping me connect with key business owners for my joint venture clients. He is clear, articulate and accurate. I have worked with many overseas VAs in the past, but I don't consider Rakesh as a 'VA'. Nope...he's more like a business partner!

Angie Grainger

Angie Grainger
Founder & CEO of Better Life Financial Group, Inc.

I hired Rakesh because of past work he has performed for other clients and I must say he and his team excelled as hoped. Rakesh has perfected a LinkedIn contact building strategy that I highly recommend. I look forward to working with him again in the future. A great contractor

Tom Daly

Tom Daly
President/CEO - Ridgeback Business Solutions / Founder - Friends in Commerce - A Veteran Business Network

We have been working with Rakesh to design and help execute marketing campaigns. He and his company are a pleasure to work with, providing regular updates and excellent suggestions. Their work is both timely and thorough. He communicates clearly, is articulate and accessible when we need to discuss strategies. We have been very pleased with his work and his focus on results. I have no problems recommending Rakesh to others. 

Lorand Szojka

Lorand Szojka
President at Visilink Media Inc.

Rakesh and team are great communicators. Expectations are always set and delivered upon. We had one slight mistake over the course of a year and it was fixed in the most professional way possible. These folks know customer service and I will continue to work with them because of their dedication to what we as customers value.

Paul Fallon

Paul Fallon
President, Pacific CCi

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any doubts in mind? Read our FAQ's below.

​Yes, we accommodate a team of experienced designers/developers for various industry types including e-commerce too. Depending on your website requirements we will help you select and work with the best WordPress designer/developer to specially perform your project and present within the deadline.

We do follow a five stage WordPress Design/Development Process for every client and will offer a turnaround time at the start of your project. Allowing a complete transparency during your Design/Development process, you can ensure to receive each of your projects within the turnaround time.

We have designers/developers of around 8+ years industry experience. They are specialized in PHP and MySQL languages, they can write an HTML and CSS file from the scratch. Additionally, our WordPress developers can convert a PSD into a running website and make it interactive with JavaScript (or jQuery).

Our WordPress experts develop websites keeping in mind the SEO parameters and Google ranking guidelines. Irrelevant to your project request, we do offer every client with an SEO-optimized site.

Yes, each of our client’s website projects is tested across multiple devices, including smartphones.

We believe in offering a transparency for improved business, therefore, all charges are disclosed before you provide an approval for performing your website needs.

Maintaining your website means a dedicated developer will have to give your site an ongoing care. Therefore, depending on your requirements (that may include upgrades and content creation too) we will provide you a quote at the start of your project.

Additionally, if you are only looking for a specific maintenance service for your WordPress site we are available.

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