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3S Hospitality
Case Study

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The Client

3S Hotels Group capitalizes on communication, teamwork and respect to drive property management excellence, achieve steady portfolio growth and produce a considerable return on investment on every project every time.

Their core management team has a collective experience of over 50 years in the hospitality industry, specializing in hotel development, hotel management and revenue management.

They wanted to use this expertise and attract VC's for their current as well as next upcoming hotel projects.

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The Challenge

The client needed a web design partner to quickly move forward through the creation of a modern and beautiful website that can effectively showcase their existing and upcoming projects, with the intention of gaining trust of the VC's.

Scope of work

Design Home Page, About us, Our Projects & Contact us Page.

Our Role

UX Research, Copywriting, Prototyping, Art Direction, UI Design.

— 03

The Objectives

— 04

Our Approach

1 1


Gather UX Data

2 2


Create a Prototype

3 3


Design UI

General thoughts on UX

We should use as simple language as possible for copywriting messages.

We should use CTA that redirects users to check out the hotels across the pages and make them much more persuasive.

The old font is unbalanced. The new font should be readable enough for primary, secondary font sizes across the pages.


Hero Block
Not many titles and subtitles need to be used. It should be kept minimal. The real photos of hotels can be used as a slide show or video background.

Introduction/Services Block
Some prior introduction can be described in this block.

Hotels Listing
The hotels can be listed tile wise which when clicked redirects the user to the projects page.

Awards Listing
We can list the awards/testimonials in the award section.

CTA Section
The CTA should be catching and persuasive and redirect user to contact us page.

Footer Section
The footer should be kept minimal and with the contact information.

Our Projects Page

he Hotel projects (both current & upcoming) can be listed here with intuitive layouts.

Real hotel images should be used as a background with location details.

On clicking on each hotel, it should go to the hotel website page.

About Us Page

The about us page should list the clients information, their expertise, team members, achievements etc.

Contact Us Page

The contact page should be simple and contain form for the user asking some basic details and upon submitting, the client should receive the info with notification.

— 05


Since the target audience is the VC's and similar people who are interested in funding, we conducted some research on the best practices in digital design for Hotel Hospitality industry. The key takeaways are as follows:

After analyzing all of the data from the UX research, we created a list of relevant visual themes and effective copy guidelines for the new website. This will facilitate writing a new content structure and designing lo-fi wireframes.

— 06

Style Guide

A geometric and robust typography was chosen to develop strong and reliable communication. We selected light shades of blue as a color palette to communicate responsibility and professionalism.

Logo on single color (black and white)

Logo on images/photos

Site icons / Squared Logos

— 07

Bringing it all together

The new 3S Hospitality website has a much stronger appeal to VC's. It clearly communicates the conversion-driving content about hotel projects, while still evoking a social vibe. A visitor to the site can instantly tell what the website is about and how it would benefit their business, and there are obvious paths with appeal to help guide potential customers through the funnel.

— 08

The Results

The new 3S Hospitality website is successfully launched and we continue working with them as their design partners. The website work has been thoroughly appreciated from the client as well as their customers.

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Client Recommendation

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