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We are Proud to be a Team of Misfits

We believe that embracing our differences is what makes us stronger and more successful as a team.

Hiring, Design & Branding are Our Primary Languages, but there’s more.

Our team is ready to work with you to create a design solution that fits your needs, vision and budget. We work alongside our customers to foster growth and increase their return on investment.

years of experience

We know that design is important because it allows businesses to maintain long-lasting and ever-present relationships with their audience. It is not a one-time fix, it is an ongoing strategy that helps businesses flourish.

We are committed to using the best practices and staying on top of the latest innovations in digital design and digital marketing.

We are open about what we do and how we do it for our clients to present them with the best long-term value.

We Drive Experiences for Brands with Purpose.

Unique, Personalized, Customized and Optimized. That’s our promise.

We’ve brought together the best team possible to help you achieve your design and marketing goals.

When you collaborate with Think Big Digital, it's not just a business decision—you're joining an ecosystem of knowledge-hungry individuals who are committed to helping each other learn and grow.📈

We’re a Group of Changemakers and Dreamers, all Entrepreneurs at Heart

While it's true that our founders may not have come from prestigious institutions or companies, we are proud to be a team of misfits. Our work will speak and not our past background.

Rakesh Ghumatkar

Founder & CEO of Think Big Digital Solutions

Amol Firke

Co-Founder of Think Big Digital Solutions, UI UX Design Head

Rashmi Belsare

Director of Think Big Digital Solutions

Santosh JV

Senior Recruitment

Sandhya Yadav

Sr. Recruitment

Shiuli Saha

Project Leader (Community Moderation)

We are constantly learning and growing together, and we are confident that our unique mix of backgrounds and experiences will continue to serve us well as we strive to deliver the best results for our clients.

Success Stories from Around the World

We must be doing something right, because our clients are already singing our praises.

International Clients
Years of Experience
Talents Sourced Already
Global Recruiters

3S Hospitality Group has been very pleased with the services of both Mr. Rakesh and Mr. Amol with their website development service for our group. They have been very prompt with their service and responses in a timely manner. Their team did exactly how we pictured our website to be. They also met our budget and were very efficient in their time as well. We will be definitely be working with them in the near future and I encourage other parties that are interested in a personal or a company website to go with both Mr. Rakesh, Mr. Amol, and their entire team of website developers.

Shaan Ibrahim (USA)

CEO, 3S Hospitality Group, USA

Rakesh Ghumatkar, founder of has been a crucial component to the growth of my business. His knowledge and experience helped guide my business to more profitable and effective marketing. He redesigned my LinkedIn profile improved my internet presence and SEO, and led a number of strategies that worked very well for us. He was instrumental in generating sales leads for me. He has a great team of graphic designers. I recommend Rakesh Ghumatkar and his group of companies for his quality of work and professionalism.

Trushar Mody (USA)

Emotional Intelligence Global Trainer, USA

Rakesh and his team have been extremely helpful, responsive and quick in building an amazing website. Rakesh has a great business understanding and excellent communication skills, making the technical process of creating a website very easy and efficient. On the technical side, Amol led the development and has demonstrated an outstanding quality of service and delivery.

Aurelien Mir (UK)

Director at Auremis Consulting, UK

Amol Firke and his team at Think Big Digital were an absolute pleasure to work with while doing our design work. Their expertise, design sense, and understanding of the end goal made the process a breeze. They really know their stuff. They are friendly and have the latest design trends to keep your business design current, and the turnaround time is incredible. This is a company you can really trust. I would recommend Think Big Digital to anyone starting a new business and wanting to build a beautiful online presence.

Ravi S. (INDIA)

Owner at Topgrade, Ex-Zomato, Ex-Amazon, Ex-Quikr, Ex-Bigbasket

If anyone is looking to create a website that aligns with who you are and what you represent. I recommend Think Big Digital - Rakesh Ghumatkar is the best in the business. His team listens first and spends all the time needed to bring your vision alive. They will be with you from idea to product/website.

Naveed Patel (USA)

Co-Founder, Managing Partner at Scalepex

With a new website that's easy to navigate for our customers and an AI-based Recruiting Platform, GemTek can more easily service it's clients and candidates in the best way possible. Thank you Amol Firke at Think Big Digital for the great work!!

Gina Matteson (USA)

CEO & Founder, GEMTEK LTD.

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