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10 Useful Tips That Can Drastically Improve Your Website’s User Experience

Your digital marketing efforts begin with a website.

An appealing website with a great user experience is the right way to lay the foundation for successful online marketing.

Whether you are just a blogger who wants to generate revenue from your website, you need to take care of your website’s UX to drive traffic.

We have developed highly useful tips that can drastically improve your website’s User Experience. 

Many people do not realize the fact that a website is a round-the-clock salesman and a more potent tool for online promotions than one can ever think of.

For designing a great website, UX, one needs to understand the issues visitors face. If you are wondering how to improve a website’s user experience, here are some effective tricks to do so.

Before going on to the tricks, let us first understand what a User Experience or UX is.

What Exactly is UX or User Experience? 

With the advancement of technologies, websites have become much more complex.

They are no more a mere static medium for communication. They have become highly interactive these days.

How users perceive your website or, in other words, how their experience is when they visit your site is the User Experience.

A successful website is easy and pleasant to use. Various design elements put on your site should be in such a way that they can improve accessibility, efficiency, usability, accessibility and overall user interactions on your site so that you can have a great User Experience. 

Make Use of White Space

Creating a margin and presenting content neatly is one of the greatest things that you can consider doing to help your text and images stand out.

According to the experts, padding texts and titles with white spaces increases User attention by 20-30%.

White space gives an impression of a neatly done website that is readable and attractive.

You need to make sure that you are not creating page clutter.

A visitor’s first impression is to see how presentable and readable the content is.

Legible content, value proposition and straightforward call to action are essential components of a website with a great User Experience. 

However, you need to remember that having too much white space needs to be avoided because it replaces valuable information.

The most important text or image to be communicated should be at the top, surrounded by some space to capture visitors’ interest at once.

Pay a Special Attention to Call-to-Action Buttons

One of the greatest ways to improve website UX is to locate the precise actions they want visitors to take from their sites.

These action pathways should be visible and prominent. CTAs buttons are the most important components of a website because they prompt the visitors to take further actions.

Most of the time, these buttons generate revenue for websites. So, buttons like ” Sign up, schedule a meet, buy now, learn more, book an appointment, contact us ” should be bold and bright buttons to be put right on the home page of a website. 

While designing these buttons, you should consider the color and the impact that these colors may have on the psychology of the users.

Colors have an impact on psychology of the visitors. So, the color choice has to be made wisely. 

Aim At Optimizing Speed of Your Website

Visitors just run away from the site, which takes too long to load. On average, visitors stay just for 30 seconds on a website.

You can better imagine what will happen if your website does not get loaded till then. People are accessing sites from a number of devices, and they want a quicker result; otherwise, they just turn off. Slow page load is one of the biggest intervening factors that users can have. Experts say that every five seconds taken by your site to load push up the bounce rate by 20%.

You can check out your score with the help of free tools made available by Google. 

Further, to improve the speed of your website page, you should compress all the images before you load them to your site. 

Know Your Target Audiences

What makes a good website User Experience? 

You need to know for whom you are designing the website. A website designed to engage consumers differs from one meant for impressing visitors, so it is good to know your website visitors first.

You should know who your users are, how they will access your website, at what time they visit your site, how are they connected to your site and how can you cash on the emotions of your audience.

Using Hyperlinks on the Site? Differentiate them

When a link is added to your web page, it indicates that visitors will click on that and go to another site or another page of the same site.

Hyperlinks that you put there on your site should be easy to figure out by the visitors.

To do so, the hyperlinks should be marked with blue always. Regular web users see the blue and underlined text as hyperlinks. Avoid any confusion for the visitors. 

Maintain Consistency

Consistency is very important. The size of the headings, button styles, spacing, coloring, layouts and font choices should match perfectly throughout your site.

Websites that fail to keep their pages consistent will risk creating a disjointed UX and visitors feel confused, irritated and almost lost. 

It is very important to maintain consistency. You must create a style guide for the content creators and the administrators.

In any case, you need to avoid mixing and matching formatting content styles, especially regarding writing types.

Choose Only Responsive Design

Most customers use mobile devices, tablets or smartphones to browse the web and purchase goods.

So, focusing only on desktop browsers will be a big mistake.

If you want your website to have a great UX, you need to focus on its mobile optimization.

A responsive website design that fits equally well on any device and loads in all should be a preference. 

Check Out Process Should be Simple and Straight Forward

Whether you have an e-Commerce site or an IT company selling cloud services, you must work on your website conversion process.

It should be easy to grasp and use.

If yours is an e-Commerce company, you need to avoid multiple identity checks, unnecessary information gathering and other similar things as these slow down the conversion rate.

Aim at using multiple payment methods.

There should be No Broken or Malicious Links

If your website has internal links, it will add value to the visitors and bring recurring customers to your site.

However, if links on your website are broken and lead to malicious sites, then there is a need to worry.

All the links on the website should be fully functional, and there should be a good balance between your internal and external links.

Always remember that you will be at a win-win situation only when your website visitors can take something valuable from your site.

They want to explore different aspects of a topic and want to expand their knowledge. So, networking with the other content providers to exchange links always work. 

Do not rely solely on internal links. Apart from creating original content that engages, you need to put the links to sites where your users can get additional information. Apart from that your site directing to 404-error is a push-away. You need to check on this. 

Take Care of the Security of Your Website

You may not be aware of this, but every second visitor skips the purchasing process from a site that cannot make them feel secure.

If the customers are uncomfortable and do not feel secure enough to divulge their personal information, they will not purchase from your site. 

An expert UX designer can solve this problem which seems to be big by certain quick fixes like putting a lock at a place where users have to fill in their confidential information. 

Bottom Line

If your site has valuable content, is clutter-free, has no broken links, has a responsive design and is secure, visitors will have a great time on it.

It has been rightly said that looks catch your eyes, but merit catches your attention.

An appealing UI of your website can make users stay on your site for a while, but a great UX can engage them with you. So, if you wondet how to improve your website’s UX, take care of the above-given things.

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