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What is Attention Marketing? 8 Golden Tips to Acquire More Customers

In the present digital era, where everybody wants to be ahead of others, a concept called attention marketing has come into being.

Do you know what it is and how you can acquire new customers from attention marketing?

Before we talk about how to grab customers using attention marketing, let us begin with what attention marketing is.

What is Attention Marketing? 

Attention Marketing is a term coined by Steve Jelly and made popular by Seth Godin.

This concept advocates the need to capture and engage the audience’s attention.

It revolves around the ways to let the customers get engaged through social and non-invasive methodologies like Social Media marketing rather than disturbing them with something annoying like pop-up ads. 

When you can grab the attention of the targeted people, you can convince them to buy your products or services.

Prior to the concept of attention marketing, companies used to have different methodologies of appealing the audiences. TV ads, billboards, and radio spots were the means to capture audiences’ attention. 

It is important to use attention marketing to engage and pull in customers.

The use of social media has made it possible to figure out what interests the customers so that they can be pulled in accordingly. 

Here are attention marketing: 5 tips to acquire more customers. Let us have a quick look:

1. Do Not Mix The Content of Different Platforms

The first rule of thumb is not to break your customers’ expectations.

You need to give only what your customers expect to get. For instance, if you have marketed any video shown on YouTube, your visitors expect to get a video there, not a photo montage. 

You may lose your visitors if you plan to have a photo montage on Youtube instead of a video.

So, different social media platforms have different requirements.

Do not expect results by reposting content from Instagram to Twitter or vice-versa. Visitors are far less likely to click on reposted links. 

Also, your content and your website should be well-designed for all platforms. Social media is very important for the businesses, and you should use them often and in the right way if you want to be in a win-win situation.

You can repost user-generated content, get engaged in influencer marketing, and roll out a referral program. Choose a social media platform very wisely and use it equally well. 

2. Partner With Other Brands

Widening your audience and reaching your potential customers is easier when you use partner or collaboration marketing.

This type of marketing also helps broaden your reach. All you need to do is share another brand’s audience rather than create your own.

This is a tested way to generate buzz for your business. Co-marketing campaigns are highly successful as many customers make their buying decisions only after collaborating or partnering with other successful brands. 

3. Indulge in Content Marketing

It has been rightly said that content is king and rules the Search Engines.

If you want to make a successful online marketing effort, your content should be super engaging, useful and on the topics that are talked about.

Most of the customers prefer reading content in pieces. You should aim to make your content simple, binding, unique and viral.

Making use of relevant GIFs in between the content can make it much more engaging. 

Live images can make any boring content truly exceptional. 

4. Involve Influencers of Your Industry

Marketing products under the industry influencing names is a wonderful way to promote your brand.

If you are wondering how to get attention for your business, you can try influencer marketing which brings sure-shot results. Influencers with dedicated social fan following and who are seen as experts are the ones that people trust and like to listen to.  

Partnering with your industry’s influencers will help you reap long-term benefits.

You need to ensure that the influencer and your brand are a natural fit that aligns well.

That influencer should naturally fit and align well with your brand. If you can identify like-minded influencers, you will be able to obtain an authentic representation of your brand. Influencers are marketing attention grabbers that can help you build your brand. 

5. Marketing Funnel AIDA Stages

AIDA model of marketing describes the four different stages that consumers go through to generate interest in their brand.

These stages can attract their attention, generate their interest and prompt them to buy.

This model is also considered a hierarchy of the effect model, meaning consumers have to pass through each stage of the model to complete the desired action. Like other marketing funnel, each stage of the AIDA model has fewer consumers compared to the last one. 

6. Narrate a Story in Your Content

People love to listen to stories. Stories help them engage in a better way.

They love to get connected with you when you can present your content in the form of a story.

Not only this, your content will be easier to market if you can add stories so you can use the story as a hook.

Not only in your blog, but you can start your videos and even your Facebook ads with stories. This will help you capture your target audience in a better way and can engage and delight them. 

7. Indulge in Emotional Marketing

Do you know what emotional marketing is? It is the concept of marketing your assets by appealing to human emotions.

People love to get connected with a brand that can make them feel personal. You can tap into the singular emotion of your brand, and your audience will get connected naturally.

Marketing efforts that primarily use human emotions like happiness, anger, sadness or even fear can help people connect better. 

8. Have an Appealing Website With Good UX

Online marketing begins with having a website.

The website you get built for your visitors should have a great User interface and be able to engage your customers in a far better way.

Having a website is the first step of digital marketing. A website with a good User-interface is an attention grabber. 

Bottom Line

There are plenty of ways through which you can market your product to gain the attention of visitors.

You can use any news piece or any industry trend and engage your visitors in real-time discussions. You can also consider generating an educational or entertaining podcast that suits your customers’ needs. 

If you are looking for strategies to attract customers, you can begin with attention marketing. Engage and capture their interest to be a winner. 

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