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13 Tried and Tested Ways to Make Your Website Successful

Everybody wants to get pace to pace with the digital race, but owing to tough competition these days, it has become increasingly difficult to get an edge.

A successful online marketing effort begins with a successful website. Here are a few valuable tips if you want to keep the foundation stone of a successful website. 

If you wonder how to make a website successful, you will get useful insight in the following article. 

If you work on these tips constantly, you can get ahead of your competitors.

1. Make Your Site Responsive

In the present day era, people have access to your website through different gadgets.

Hence your website needs to be responsive. People love to shop and get access to information when they are on the move. 

Therefore they access websites from their Smartphones, tablets and laptops etc.

The best way to improve User experience is to get a responsive website. This is a good way to retain visitors that can turn into your potential customers. 

Your website should be able to load equally well on all devices. 

2. Acquire a Good Domain

A domain is your website address; when you type this, you enter your website.

It should make a good impression on usability and Search Engine Optimization.

The domain address is the address through which Google recognizes your site, so having a keyword on your website is good. For instance, if you are dealing with the health industry, you can obtain a domain like flourishing health, secrets to health and so on.

Also, it is better if your website domain address includes your Geo-location also. 

Apart from that, your domain should be easy to spell, as short as possible, and have a proper domain extension (.com is the most preferred one.) Do not go in for a website address having a hyphen. 

3. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

A website that is easy to navigate is likeable by all.

The top-level navigation menu should have clearly labelled tabs and pages neatly organized under them.

You should also offer your visitors a clear way to get back to the homepage. It has been found that Google Searches land your website users on a page on your website other than the homepage. 

People often scan web pages from top to bottom and left to right.

So, your website navigation menu should be placed where it is expected. You should use a dropdown menu under each top-level category to have a cleaner and well-organized navigation. 

4. Keep Your Pages Clean and Uncluttered

Useful content gives visitors a reason to return to your site.

If your site is cluttered and has dense, difficult to read to content, it tends to fail.

Putting information on a website is good, but one should not aim toward placing a lot of information.

Make sure to use a good balance of graphics and text. Give your website a cleaner look. Fill up your website with useful content that visitors may be looking for. Cut down the unnecessary social widgets like the Twitter feed. 

5. Take Care of its Loading Speed

About 90% of the visitors move out of the site if it takes a lot of time to get loaded.

If you do not know how to make your website successful, the loading speed of your website should be your priority.

The time it takes for a webpage to get significantly loaded affects online shoppers’ decisions.

If the website gets loaded quickly and easily, it will be successful. Your first and foremost goal is to get your website to run fast and smoothly.

You should optimize your images and videos for quicker downloads. You should use a website host which can handle your bandwidth demands.

6. Design of the Website Should Be Simple But Appealing

You should aim toward limiting the use of colors, GIFs and fonts.

These things can simply distract the visitors and pull them away from the main focus of your website. 

Content should be in small paragraphs, bullet points, presentable and easy to scan.

Placing content in small paragraphs of not more than 5-6 lines is a strategy that can make your website successful. 

Whether you want to build a professional website for your business or have your own blog, placing content in small paragraphs, bullets and pointers, etc., will make your content easy to scan and use. Visitors love this. 

What makes a successful website design? It should have a cleaner look, good color combination and a relevant theme. Try to make your website highly interactive. 

7. Your Website Hosting should be Secure, Scalable and With Good Tech Support

A website host is a company that offers the desired technology and services essential for a site to run over the Internet.

You need to connect your domain name to your hosting service provider.

You should purchase your website only from a reputed host service provider so that downtime can be avoided and your site remains secure and scalable. 

8. Make Use of top Content Management System

It has been rightly said that content is the King and reigns the Search Engines.

A proper Content Management System is a place where you manage your website’s entire content.

You need to choose a Content Management system or CMS that is easy to manage and can make the uploading of content easier, quicker and a fun-filled process. 

Also, you need to have a blog on your website that can be a source of useful information.

Doing so allows you to optimize your website easily, even if you do not have any prior coding knowledge. To make your website successful, you need to direct your efforts toward optimizing it. 

9. Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

One of the most effective, simplest, and speediest way to make your website successful is to optimize it fully for the top Search Engines.

The first thing to optimize your website for Search Engines is to do “Keyword Research”. 

Once you are through with finding a set of suitable keywords, you need to target them.

Some popular search options for keywords are Keywords Keg, KWfinder, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer and Keyword Keg etc. 

The suitable keywords to be targeted are determined by three things: Relevance, difficulty level and search volume.

You should focus on off-page as well as on-page SEO to get your website ranked. You need to have someone who can work on the website optimization consistently. 

10. Keep Your Landing Pages Well-Optimized

Landing pages are the greatest marketing tools you can have on your site.

This stand-alone web page is where your prospective customers land up when they click on an e-mail or an advertisement. 

It captures useful information from the visitors and, in lieu of that, provides them with something useful. 

You need to have a system which can enable quick customization and creation of landing pages which is a critical element for website success.

It includes PPC ads, inbound marketing efforts and e-mail promotions etc. Your website can be a successful lead generator if you can make an appealing landing page and optimize it fully. 

11. Track Your Website Progress With Analytics

If you want your website to succeed, you must keep track of its progress.

Though it is tricky, you can make the process easier with the help of Google’s website tracking tool. 

With the right tracking tools like Google Analytics, you can create an account in Google Analytics, Set up your own Analytics and add tracking code to your website.

Detailed data that can help you analyze the performance of your website from time to time can help you make your website successful. 

12. Use Professional Images And Graphics

Just like the first impression matters a lot, creating a great-looking User Interface is a doorway to a successful website.

How well you use images, graphics, videos, and other multimedia on your website matter a lot.

You should take the help of a professional web designer to get an appealing website made. 

13. Refrain From Using Distractive Features

You need to avoid pop-up windows, animation, music etc., as they may push away website visitors.

Think of how you feel when you look for something important on a website, and there are many pop-ups.

You will hate these distractive features.

This is the same website visitors feel; hence, such distractive features should be avoided. 

Bottom Line

There is no secret recipe to it! If you are a novice and wondering how to make a website successful, then there are simple ways to do so.

Always remember that it needs to be worked on consistently to make your website successful.

It is always wise to take the help of professional experts with extensive experience in digital marketing. 

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