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How to Turn Your Website into a Powerful Recruiting Tool?

Do you want to maximize the recruiting potential of your site but fail to do so?

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that they can do much more than just post jobs and accept resumes on their recruitment websites.

We are sharing here 10 highly effective tricks for those who are wondering how to turn a recruitment website into a powerful recruiting tool.

Gone are the days when recruitment was filled through referrals and networking.

Nowadays, a large number of recruitments are conducted online because it allows companies to improve their overall screening process and attract the best candidates for the position.

You can use these recruitment website strategies if your recruitment website is not doing well.

Begin by analyzing your website

There are so many things to take care of when you get your recruitment website designed.

If your website is not professionally made, has a confusing UX, has broken links, or has a non-clear navigation bar, you need to get it fixed.

Your website should give a good impression to the recruiters and job aspirants who are visiting your site for the first time.

Here are a few recruitment website errors that you should fix.

The Careers Page Should Be a Highlight

The careers page is the focus of all recruitment websites.

This is the central place for job hunters who want to learn about a company’s reputation and culture.

This page should be given extra attention. An utterly compelling piece of content shared here can do the right trick. You can make this page as attractive as you can.

You can do things like highlighting your employer’s brand with important information on the growth of the company, its advantages, job training, and a lot more interesting things for the career aspirants who you want to attract.

Videos are the first attraction, and hence putting mini video testimonials there or a relevant informative post etc. on the careers page is highly advisable.

Enable them to write a cover letter

One of the best recruitment website strategies that you can make use of is to provide candidates with an opportunity to include a cover letter.

In most cases, candidates are asked to fill out an application form and attach a resume. A cover letter is an important part of candidates’ portfolios and it is very surprising why most companies do not let candidates include a cover letter.

If you want to have an edge over other recruitment websites, you should give your candidates a chance to tell you about themselves, why they will prove to be a great recruit and let recruiters have a glance at their attitude and personality.

Your Website should be Mobile Optimized

If you want to attract the top talent through your recruitment website, your site should be mobile-friendly.

You need to make sure to get a responsive website built. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are missing out a large number of potential candidates.

According to a study conducted by Glass door in 2019, about 58% of the job seekers make use of their mobile phones to look for the jobs.

So, all the recruitment websites should be mobile-friendly and the online application process should be easier and optimized for the mobile users.

Know the benefits of mobile-friendly websites here.

Manage the Job Listings

A lot of recruitment sites embed code from third-party applications like Indeed, Naukri, etc., to show jobs on their sites.

This is a good way to make sure that the career page of the company is updated with the latest job openings.

However, the sites that do not want to make use of third-party applications can add a job listing module, which will enable them to display their own job listings and to make use of an admin tool that can be easily managed by the HR team.

Because job listings are the heart of any recruitment website, you must keep them up to date.

Also, you need to do away with any such messages that can show your website is not actively hiring. Like this one: “Check back later.”

Make the Application Process Utterly Simple

Along with other recruitment website strategies that you use, you should target on making the entire application process as easy and as possible.

You should aim at creating a simple form with fields that can be completed online easily by the job aspirants.

You can create a “thank you” page to make candidates feel acknowledged.

All the top-performing sites send automated email to the applicants once they submit their application.

You need to just let them know that their application has been received via e-mail.

The job application process is a time-consuming one.

Every job seeker that comes to your site invests a significant amount of energy and time, so they want to know exactly up to what timeline they can expect to get hired. Apart from that, there should be notifications if you are not hiring for certain tenure.

Also, let them know things like if you interview quarterly or conduct several interviews.

User-testing is important

Indulge in some user-testing.

This helps once the candidates are through with the application process and helps you find out whether everything has worked well.

Were candidates confused about anything? Did they like or dislike something in particular?

Use Lead Generation Techniques

One of the most important ways to improve recruitment marketing is to make use of lead generation tactics on your website.

For instance, you can ask the visitors to sign up for job alerts and for hiring news.

By doing so, you will be able to prepare a lead development list and nurture the future candidates.

If you want to capture the lead, you will have to provide them with something that can work as a link-bait. You can make use of other things, like sending them new job e-mail lists.

Go In for Blogging

A blog is a wonderful way to connect and target the job seekers who visit your site.

They should be able to rake away something worthwhile from it.

You can either consider positing an expert-written article which they look forward to reading or you can add a video interview. There are hundreds of topics that candidates visiting your site will be interested in.

You can also post things like candidates that have been placed in the top companies and the packages they are drawing, or your team culture, how work gets done, your star employees, etc.

This will help both job seekers and recruiters believe in you as a genuine organization.

Let the successfully placed employees tell their stories via video

Video content is highly appreciable and, these days, Google prefers to rank video content more.

So, a great way to turn your website into a powerful recruiting tool is to post video content of present and past employees who talks about their background, what they do now, their companies’ culture, their work environment, how much they earn, etc.

This is a powerful way to influence future job aspirants.

Highlight Your Dedication to Continued Learning

Let your recruitment website be a source of valuable information and not just a place for posting jobs and receiving resumes.

You can talk about seminars, workshops, training programs, the latest techniques and trends followed in the industry.

You can consider posting pictures, talking about your career growth, choosing the best companies to work with, and so on.

In short, the impression of your being focused on learning should be there on the website.

Social media should be leveraged

LinkedIn is one of the best networking places where professionals look for job opportunities and recruiters look for the right candidates.

Being active on LinkedIn and linking your recruitment website to it is one of the proven recruitment website strategies that work.

Other social media platforms can also be leveraged for posting vacancies. Not only this, you have to be in constant touch with them also.

Take the help of SEO tricks

Even the most appealing website with a great UX and good content will lag if it is not properly optimized.

Keep on working to bring together all the job postings from all across the Internet, whether they are posted on an educational site or a recruitment website, so you need to make sure that the jobs you post can be easily found by the search engines.

You have to take the help of a professional.

Unique title tags and Meta descriptions for each posting can help you be found on the search engines.

Clearly, demonstrate who you are

When they visit any recruitment site, job seekers want to know the basics about the company, and hence all the significant information about the company should be clearly displayed.

The history of the company, its founders, its location, clients it has served, employees it has, and a lot more.

A lot of people make sure to check out who you are your founders, location, market that you have served your current employees, etc.

A company’s stories should be presented in a visually engaging and story-telling manner that gives job seekers insights into the skills and experiences that can help candidates succeed in your organization.

Your mission, values, motivations, etc., should be clearly mentioned so that candidates visiting your site can get to know you better.

Be in Constant Communication With the Candidates

If you send e-mail newsletters to the aspirants on a regular basis, you can include a subscribe link on the Jobs page.

When the potential hires receive regular communication from you, they will learn about your company in a better way.

You can demonstrate what your company does, how it fits in, and even generate referrals to qualified candidates.

You Should Have A Proper Screening Process In Place

There are plenty of times when an applicant looks just perfect on paper but is completely unsuited for the job once you put them across the interview table.

To avoid this, if you are making use of your website to hire, you can add a set of questions that can be automatically generated once your application is submitted.

You should work on expanding the screening process where you can ask questions that can just be for fun, like favorite movies, hobbies, etc., or some specific questions about experience and habits.

These types of question and answer sessions will help you understand the weaknesses, strengths, and potential of the candidate.

This type of multiple screening process will help you weed out the candidates who are not serious about the jobs and have just applied.

Market Your Job Positions All Over the Web

Do not keep your job postings confined to your website only. You can integrate your website job listing with their software.

This will not only help you broaden your reach, but it will also help you find more job candidates.

Maintain Your Job Listing

A job listing is the heart and soul of your recruitment website. You should update new jobs, vacancies, the hiring process, or any other similar changes related to recruitment.

E-commerce websites keep on updating their products on websites.

Similarly, it is very important for a recruitment website to keep the job listing updated and keep on adding new profiles and changes.

Bottom line

Your website can become a powerful recruitment tool with the right strategies.

So, if you have proper and updated job listings at place, your site is mobile friendly and you have a good networking with top-notch social media platforms, you will see the results for sure.

Hence, follow the above given rules and stop wondering how to turn your websites into powerful recruiting tool.

First of all, your website needs to be analyzed and worked on.

If it does not have a clear and prominent navigation system, poor UI and UX, it is destined to fail.  

For that, take help of the professional experts.

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