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11 Best Recruitment Website Designs that Deserve to be Awarded

Do you own a recruitment agency and looking for the best recruitment website designs?

A lot of recruitment company owners like you who aspire to get a great website built are assisted by us. Whether you already have a design in mind or looking for inspiring templates, you will be helped in both cases.

Here we have come up with a couple of recruitment websites that truly deserve the award of being the best recruitment websites in 2022 both in terms of designs and functionality.

What has made them so special?

Let us find out here.

1. Morgan Hunt

Morgan hunt is a United-Kingdom-based multi-award-winning recruitment agency.

It has been providing specialist recruitment services to more than 2,000 clients. A mere glance at their site will help you gauge the professionalism with which it is being made.

An utterly clean UI, elegant color scheme, a clear job navigation bar right at the top are the features that have made this website a truly winning one.

The site is free from any clutter and has a relevant background image in which a lady is looking at the headline.

The site has a multitude of content that is expertly organized without looking messy anyway.

It has a great UX that provides a relevant and meaningful experience to the users.

This Recruitment website inspiration:
  • Super elegant color scheme (just the right one that the recruitment website should have)
  • A clear and distinct job navigation bar
  • Absolutely clean and clutter-free
  • A great relevant background image.

Visit Morgan Hunt:

2. Talentumph

The official website of this talent acquisition company will immediately grab your attention with its captivating background image. With its powerful yellow color scheme, it conveys the message of commitment and authority.

Besides that, the website has a stunning background image that at once draws the attention of visitors. Also, the website has super clean headlines and nice call-to-action buttons. All the content is well-organized and has a clear navigation bar on the jobs page.

This Recruitment website inspiration:
  • Super clean headlines
  • Impressive call to action buttons.
  • Powerful and relevant background image
  • Eye-catching and impressive color scheme.



There are a lot of interesting and attractive features about this recruitment website.

When the best recruitment industry web design is talked about, one cannot overlook MAYDAY.

A mere look at the title of their website: “Australia’s Boutique Recruitment Agency will let you know how much personalized and individual attention visitors get here. It offers jobs in different recruitment sectors including sales, marketing, banking, finance, etc.

The site has a video on the homepage instead of static background which makes it all the more attractive.

The recruiter focuses on different sectors and a moving slide show this.

When visitors continue to scroll the site, they will find an updated blog with tons of helpful information and their latest job openings.

It has one of the best recruitment website designs that are easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, and quite appealing to job seekers.

One of the major attractions of Mayday is that it makes use of a video on the homepage instead of a static background image and a moving slide that focuses on different sectors.

They have a blog too which they keep on updating with useful information frequently.

The website is easy on the eyes, appealing to the job-seekers, and has easy navigation.

Winning features of this website:
  • Clear navigation bar right at the top
  • Easy on eyes and an appealing UI
  • Focuses on different sectors and the website shows this cleanly and effectively.


4. New England Legal Search

As manifested by its name, this recruitment website design focuses on jobs in the legal fields that include recruitment for lawyers.

The major attraction of the website is its appealing UI.

It looks beautiful, has a professional touch and it’s a smart choice for recruitment agencies that focus on the legal fields where things can be chaotic and stressful.

A mere look at the website will give you the feel of professionalism. The site has a soft color palette and a natural hue. The website has a clear navigable menu bar right at the top. The latest job postings are featured at the bottom.
What’s make it the best recruitment website design?
  • Easy to navigate and clear the menu bar right at the top.
  • The latest job postings are at the bottom.
  • Beautiful and simple UI


5. Tattersall Recruiting

When you look at the official website of Tattersall recruiting, you will be able to easily make out that it has been designed and developed by the best recruitment website agency.

These experts have done a great job at keeping it absolutely clean and focused on conversion.

Call to action buttons are well-placed and above the fold.

A cleaner-looking UI is another point of attraction for this website.

What are the recruitment website design inspirations of Tattersall recruiting?
  • Neat and clear call to action buttons above the fold.
  • Cleaner and super elegant UI
  • Nice scrolling animations.


6. Zensho Agency

If you really want to see an exclusive and technology-driven website, you can visit the official website of Zensho Agency.

The website has an elegant-looking neutral color scheme that catches the attention of the visitors at once.

Authenticity and professionalism are displayed through various types of details on the website.

A clean and prominent logo is a distinguishing feature of the website.

The website has won several awards that are featured right at the bottom of the website.

What makes this website design so special?
  • Elegant-looking color scheme and a distinctive logo.
  • Clearly featured awards
  • Utterly clean UI and powerful copywriting


7. PRIOS Experts

This Germany-based recruitment agency has a clear call-to-action button above the fold.

With the tagline of “We have your dream job”, the website gives the feeling of warmth and looks immensely appealing.

The website design is a landmark and a mere glance at the website will give you the impression of it being developed by German recruitment website design experts.

Winning features of PRIOS Experts:
  • Clear call to action buttons above the fold.
  • Clean website design that at once catches the attention of the visitors.
  • Captivating color scheme


8. ProFound

The website of Profound stands out from the crowd because of its distinctive background video of a businessman dancing with ecstasy.

It sets the tone for the brand and visitors at once to get attracted to it.

Recruitment website design experts who have designed this have taken all the possible care to make it utterly simple but eye-catching.

The website splits into two broad categories one for the job seekers and the other for the employers. The site has a benefit. It enables the visitors to go quickly wherever they want to go.

They do not have to search extensively for the same.

The website is absolute to the point and it is designed creatively by the experts.

What’s so special in Profound?
  • The creativity of the best recruitment website design experts is clearly visible.
  • Meticulously designed background video is captivating
  • Easily searchable.


9. Cyber Coders

Cybercoders is one of America’s best professional recruiting firms.

With their innovative technology and the best recruitment website design services, the company has come up with features like “Quick apply” and “Intelligent search tools” that are helpful in bringing down the time spend on Candidates and job search.

A clear navigation bar that is distinctly visible when you visit the site and a professionally chosen color scheme are the best features of cyber coders.

Winning features of Cyber Coders:
  • An attractive background video
  • A clear and prominent navigation bar
  • Intelligent search tools


10. The Allred Group

The site will at once capture your interest by its classic design and its success has proven that there is nothing wrong with going traditional.

The Group deals exclusively with the recruitments in the elevator industry and hence it is lesser flashy and uncluttered as it does not have to focus on different things.

The site seems to be a clear-cut winner in the over and all design that it uses the professionalism with which over and all functionality has been put to use for.

Winning features of The Allred Group:
  • Design focused on the niche
  • Distinct navigation bar
  • Clutter-free and clean design that shows professionalism.


11. Marble

A stunning background video that at once captures the attention of visitors and a clear call to action form are the major attractions of the website.

The best design UI and UX have been used for making it appealing and highly functional. Also, the site has a great conversion strategy.

Winning features of Marble:
  • Captivating background video to capture attention.
  • Clear and distinct call to action buttons.
  • Sufficient whitespace.


Recruitments websites are a common platform for businesses to capture potential employees and for job-seekers to find a suitable job.

Best recruitment website designs ensure high application rates and conversions.

However, a lot of recruitment agencies overlook the fact that a website developed by the best and most experienced recruitment website agency can brighten their chances to achieve success.

An official website is your online identity from where you attract and capture potential candidates.

So, it is wise not to take any decision in a jiffy that can ruin your reputation and affects your business adversely.

How to Hire The Best Recruitment Website Agency?

If being a recruitment agency owner you know the importance of recruitment website design having a good UI and UX then look no further and get in touch with the top-rated industry experts.

To hire the best recruitment website experts, indulge in online research work and check out:

  • Their experience
  • How they are rated by their past customers
  • Are they able to fulfill your customization needs?
  • Do they have an impressive portfolio (Check out the design and success rate of their previously created websites)

Let's build something great together😎

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