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17 Useful Tricks That Attract Customers To Your Websites For Sure

Gone are the days of pamphlets, hoardings, and other similar marketing materials.

Today an official website with a huge traffic inflow is the best marketing strategy one can have.

This is the reason why every small and big enterprise wants to have an official website from which leads can be generated that can be converted into potential sales and revenues.

But, how to attract customers to your website, keep them coming back and help them become your loyal customers. 

We have come up with certain useful ways that will attract clients to your website and help you boost your sales as well as revenues.

Always keep in mind that your official website is much more than a commonly used static marketing piece.

If you can get it designed by the right professionals and manage it correctly, you will be able to generate customers and profits. 

Here we go with certain effective ways that only professional experts use to attract clients to your website:

1. Prioritize Visuals

Images and photos are essential elements of any website. How well and suitable you get your website designed and presented before the visitors matter a lot.

For instance, if you have a restaurant, your interiors, the food and beverages you offer should be properly presented on your website. 

Visuals play a greater role in attracting and pulling in customers when you have an e-commerce website. 

Each of your products should have multiple photographs with an option to zoom.

An attractive UI is the first impression of the visitors and hence great heed should be paid to designing it in the best possible way.

You just need to take care of the image sizes. Large images should not be used as it slows down the overall speed of a site. 

Add This tells how to make any site appealing.

2. Aim At Creating a Good User Experience

Appealing websites catch the first attention of visitors.

But, however attractive-looking your website may be with the right theme and color combinations, it would not be able to entice visitors and push them away if the website does not provide a good UX.

First and the foremost thing is that your website should be easy to use, has a simple and intuitive navigation, should be able to load quickly, it should not be cluttered and confusing.

3. Use Content as Bait

Content is King, they say. True enough! You can attract clients to your websites by creating memorable content.

It keeps customers connected with your website.

Hence a lot depends on how effective, engaging and useful your website content is.

Your website should be aimed towards providing value to the customers.

This could be how much guest blogging you engage in and what kind of content you provide. 

Content strategies are a part of inbound marketing efforts to add value to the site, bring in new visitors to the site and keep them coming back.

People try to find solutions to their problems online. When your website content provides them the same, they are sure to get attracted, coming back and get converted to your loyal customers.

Before you put on content on your site, you should perform thorough keyword research beforehand to add relevant keywords to your content.

Having keywords placed all through the content like on the Meta description, on the page title, on URL is the easy way to be found on the Search Engines. 

Experts tell you how to use content correctly. Check out here

4. Incorporate Video

Though text-based content can be engrossing and a good way to attract and bring in visitors but you can choose to embed videos on your blog posts also to help your website appear on the video search results.

You can then go in for YouTube SEO to make your website rank higher on YouTube.

You can add link to your website in the video description.

You can also consider adding call-to-action buttons directly in your videos and expect to get visitors to your website from there. 

5. Keep Active On Social Media & Do not Forget Social Sharing Buttons

Whether you have a good fan following on social media platforms or not, you should always try to link your website to the social media accounts to grow your visitors exponentially.

Do not forget to add social media buttons on header or footer of your websites.

This is a great way to keep the number of visitors coming to your site swelling up. 

You should aim on posting useful content on Social Media like e-books, white papers, videos and more.

You can interact with the followers, tag influencers interest in your content and can do more such things  to bring in traffic to your website.

6. Make it Easier For the Consumers to Connect With You 

Most of the people see websites as a way to connect to a business.

Hence you should also aim towards making it easy for the customers to reach you via your website.

You can provide them easy chat box on the website or a call support to connect with you.

Also, you should try to respond to respond to their queries as early as possible. 

If you can reply them in an hour or two, you will be able to create a positive user experience and would be able to attract clients to your site. 

7. Keep Your Website Updated

A visitor spends less than 15 seconds on a site and so you have very little time to impress your visitors.

You should check out that your website should not have errors, irritating “coming soon” pages or broken links.

You should always try to keep your website and its content updated.

You should check your website regularly for the broken links and the outdated information. New content should be posted on a regular basis. 

A poor user experience should be avoided at all costs.

8. Aim At Improving Speed of Your Pages

A website page that takes thirty seconds or even more to load is probably the page that no one visits.

If you think your website is taking too long to load, you cannot attract clients to your website.

An average visitor will stay on a web page for 15 seconds. Sites that take a very long time to load will have a high bounce rate. 

Speed of the site has always been a very important factor to consider.

You need to make sure that all the pages should be as technically optimized including the page structure, image file sizes and functionality of the third-party plug-ins.

9. Writing Guest Posts

Getting an appealing website built and even writing great content on it cannot bring traffic to your website, if it is not optimized properly and does not show up in the Search Engines.

Writing Guest posts on a high ranking and authoritative sites and getting a back link from there can help attract a lot of visitors to your site.

Apart from making other on-page and off-page efforts, you should aim towards getting back links from highly trafficked websites. 

Here is the importance of guest posts.

10. Basic information About Your Business Are a Must Include

There are certain basics that every customer looks for like business address, a map, directions, working hours and phone numbers etc.

These all important information should be clearly displayed on the home page.

You should help your customers feel that your business is authentic.

Also, make very sure to not put inaccurate or any type of missing information on the website which can impact your Search Engine rankings adversely. 

If you have given correct business information on your website, Google will prioritize your business because you are helping customers find you.

11. E-mail Marketing Works 

After getting an appealing website designed and working on improving user experience, most of the beginner-level professionals start wondering how to attract customers to your site.

One of the effective ways is to indulge in e-mail marketing.

If you have memorable and engaging content on your website with little to no exposure, it would not be effective.

To bring in potential customers to your site and make them read that content, you have to go in for e-mail marketing. 

Here are a few ways to make e-mail newsletters as link bait to attract customers: 

  • An enticing piece of information from the content should be inserted in the subject line of the email and in its body. 
  • A link or a button should be incorporated so that subscribers can click on that and can read the available content. 
  • E-mail newsletters that you send should be mobile-friendly and visually appealing. 
  • You can try on different version and then with A/B testing, you can see which versions will be opening more and getting more clicks. 

12. Reach Out to the Influencers of Your Industry

These days a lot of industry influencers are more than willing to share their content.

If you want to grow visitors to your website, your business can connect with the industry influencers.

You can then ask those influencers for an interview Q&A then tag or email them when the content gets published.

They will be likely to share this content to their audience and the visitors will multiply this way. 

You can use their knowledge base and their influence in the industry as a bait to attract visitors.

You can choose to pay them for the social media posts.

You can use online tools to find the right industry influencers.

When you are giving visitors something of use, they keep on coming back to your website. 

13. Submitting Press Releases to Well-known Publications

Sending press releases is a conventional way used by the companies to promote themselves.

However, these press releases should not be placed on just any press release syndication website as this will not give you the kind of result you may be looking for.

You need to push that release and send the same to influential publications that get a huge traffic.

This way, you will be able to collect a lot leads and boost traffic for your clients. 

14. Follow These Simple SEO Rules

A website without SEO is a body without soul.

You need to fill out all the meta-tags on the web pages to tell Google what each piece of content is all about.

You should also conduct keyword research for making sure that all the content creation is done well and according to the latest SEO tricks.

You should also eye on building a network of links and association with the industry experts.

15. Paid Advertising Helps For Sure

Paid advertising helps you draw visitors to your website.

This can be done by making paid clickable advertisements.

Creating paid advertising is a sure shot way to draw visitors to your site.

For instance, you can use Pay-per-click with Google and you can use Google Ad words for getting Keyword Phrases that are relevant to your websites. 

This works when somebody writes a set of specific keyword on the Google and your advertisement appears when this advertisement is clicked on, visitors are directed to your website.

PPC is very useful tool to get started with your online marketing efforts and to attract clients to your website

It takes a lot of efforts to make your site appear and show up on the top of the Search Engines so with the help of PPC you can be ahead of others easily.

If you practice both the paid as well as free search engine optimization tricks you are sure to get long-term success in bringing in potential leads to your site.

16. You Need to Be Active On LinkedIn

Incredible though it may sound but it is true that over four million companies are listed on LinkedIn.

You can cash on this Social Media to bring in traffic to your website.

You can share your blog posts, your company updates, webinars or any other similar things.

Doing so, will give more exposure to your content and you will be able attract visitors to your site easily.

LinkedIn is one of the most commonly used platforms. It has more than 380 million registered users in over 200 countries so the chances for your getting traffic from LinkedIn are very high. 

You should use LinkedIn optimally to bring in traffic to your site.

17. Creating Webinars

One of the little-known tricks to attract customers to your site is to create a webinar.

When you create webinars you will not be able to make your site popular only but you will be able to use your brand as an authority.

If the leads and customers get impressed by the webinars, they will visit your websites; they will take action, come to your websites, buy products, and services, and can turn into your loyal customers also. 


It becomes easier to bring in visitors to your site when you are all over the Internet, are popular and have a good reputation.

There can be several other ways to attract clients to your website also, just make sure that you are doing the promotion in the right way and on the right places.

A good UI and UX is just the tip of an iceberg. It is good to take help of professional experts to attract visitors to your site consistently, to convert them into leads and potential customers eventually. 

Let your business grow and flourish with the professional assistance that you truly deserve!

Let's build something great together😎

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