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A Highly Useful & Comprehensive Guide To Generate Leads With LinkedIn

There is nothing new with the practice of generating leads with Social Media Platforms.

A lot of marketers have been using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for lead generation.

But, not many people know that LinkedIn can be used much more effectively for the same. Here is a complete guide on how to generate leads on LinkedIn

A lot of people generate B2B leads on LinkedIn, you can do it successfully as well.

Just publishing content natively on the LinkedIn pulse or republishing posts from the business blog is not enough. If you have been trying LinkedIn the wrong way, here is some help for you!

Here are a few commonly made mistakes in using LinkedIn for lead generation.

This professional network enables its users to demonstrate their expertise to prospective customers.

Prior to talking about how to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn, let us have a quick look at what LinkedIn is.

A Quick Overview of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the biggest and the world’s largest professional networking websites that is used to build connections in the industry, fetch jobs, pick up the right candidates for jobs, and for generating B2B leads.

It is the world’s largest social networking app and an American business. The employment-oriented online service operates via mobile apps and websites.

The professional network is well-differentiated from other social media platforms that are used for generating leads.

It is the first choice for posting professionally-geared content. Different people use its potential differently though it is the best networking option. 

For a better understanding of LinkedIn and how it works, look at this.

How LinkedIn is Different from Other Social Media Platforms? 

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is confined merely to networking.

It is one of the largest social media networks for professionals and is considered to be very effective.

Users of LinkedIn can connect with the similar professionals, exchange their thoughts, indulge in discussions, look for job opportunities, and can do much more

How to Generate Leads From LinkedIn? 

Lead generation strategy on LinkedIn is simple enough. A lot of people use it to get in touch with potential clients for generating leads and driving revenues.

Here is step-wise guidance on how to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn.

Optimizing the Company Profile

LinkedIn is a professional network that is thronged by millions of companies and professionals.

You need to make very sure that the profile of your company is as optimized as possible.

Just creating a company page and putting up a logo would not attract the professionals to your page. 

The page should be optimized well also for boosting Search Engine visibility on LinkedIn and when somebody lands on your page, they will be able to get all the useful information to know. It is very important to create the profile carefully without missing any important details. Once it is created and optimized, the next step is to build connections.

Start Growing Your Connections

LinkedIn is primarily meant for networking and networking can be done in a number of ways.

You can make use of industry-related keywords to optimize your profile and can make it easier for people to find you.

You can also make use of keywords for finding industry contacts to connect with the people of your interest.

A set amount of time should be dedicated to growing the network.

Once the company page is created and optimized, every possible effort should be made to grow network and increase the followers. It is good to keep in mind that hundreds of connections can be made by just sending requests to the peers but this should not be done.

You need a lot of relevant connections that can engage with your posts. Having relevant connections that can share your content and let others engage in your content as well helps a lot.

This not only increases your organic presence but helps you generate leads too.

You should focus solely on building quality connections and not on quantity.

Posting Only the Relevant Updates

As a next step in growing your connections, you should focus on posting only the relevant content to your target audience that they find interesting and captivating.

This will help you build a strong LinkedIn presence. This also enables the users with an opportunity to present themselves as showcasing their knowledge and building credibility.

A well-written content has an immense power to influence. Content strategy works on LinkedIn. Your connections should be under the impression that they can take something from you. With the help of a professionally written content, you will be able to create a strong network and you will be regular on your audience feed as well.

Be a Part of LinkedIn Groups

It is easy to find industry-relevant groups. Joining these groups can help you find ideal clients, you can pick up these clients and begin discussions with them.

These can convert into potential leads. LinkedIn groups are the perfect places to find the types of clients you may be looking for.

Certain groups are the most active ones and hence worth focusing on. However, when you indulge in discussions or post something on group you should make sure that the content is informative and well-researched. It is good to keep in mind that greater and bigger the search options will be, the greater will be your chances to succeed. There are as many as 2, o58, 816 groups on LinkedIn. You are sure to find group of your niche right here.

Make a Lead List

You just need to spend 5 minutes a day looking into your connections because they are what really matter in generating leads.

It is good to take down the list of impressive people whom you do not know personally but like to get connected with.

You can begin with “recommendations”.

You can also ask for recommendations outside your LinkedIn account via e-mail for a quicker reply. 

Follow-ups Are Necessary

There can be a lot of potential leads on LinkedIn. If you do not follow them, they can just turn off.

However, if you are following them consistently you are sure to get results.

For getting the best potential outcome, the tone should be engaging but light.

Making Use of Automation Strategies

You should not shy away from using automation strategies for supporting human connections and growing them.

Automation can save a lot of time and improve your reach to potential customers. With the help of automation strategies, you can get valuable metrics. 

Posting one content a month and then forgetting to take any updates will not help you anyway but sharing regular and relevant updates can help you set up authority and establish credibility which helps in the long run.

Platform analytics can be made use of also to see what exactly your audiences are interested in. This will help you deliver the right content at the right time.

Sharing Video Posts on Company’s Profile Page

LinkedIn gives preferences to the companies that share video posts on their profile pages.

“Recently posted videos” are there on the top of the page feed that can be clicked on to watch.

People love watching short videos and love to share them. 

Doing so, bring new leads and enable you to engage the audience in just the right way.

Videos are the best ways to engage your target audience.

People just love to get educated and informed with videos and hence this brings new leads.

Though sharing videos will not bring a huge number of leads right away but doing so is the best way engage and educate your target audience. People prefer videos much more than carousel posts and images. So, they are more effective and a far better way to connect with the audience.

Make An Impressive Showcase Page

Creating showcase pages is the best way to prepare tailor-made B2B pages for the purpose of generating leads.

These pages are created for developing long-term relationships with a specific audience. It is the perfect way to segment the inbound LinkedIn traffic also. 

Here on the page products, ideas, or company’s achievements, and innovations can be projected.

All you need to do is to just click “edit” and “create” for generating the showcase pages. With the help of these pages you can develop a long-term relationship with your target audience.

Showcase page of LinkedIn is focused on targeting just one customer segment and providing all the relevant information. Showcase page looks exclusive and differs from the company’s page in a number of ways. This page with a larger header image and above the fold update posts should be used with the right strategy and can be linked back to the company’s page to get the optimal benefit.

Save Searches Can do the Right Trick

A lot of people like you put on efforts and even then fail to create highly specific and targeted searches. Why does this happen?

They do not use save searches option. LinkedIn offers the save searches option to help you remain active to find your prospects. 

It needs consistent efforts to get B2B leads. It cannot be done in a single day and hence you will have to go in for “save search” option.

The save search option can be obtained directly from the advanced search option in the upper right corner. 

With the help of saved search option, you will be able to find the exact search once again and can set alerts also.

Take Out A Minute to Post An Update

Spend out a minute or so each day for posting an “update” on LinkedIn network.

You can use daily update to share a link to an article or a video which is relevant to your customers and prospects.

You can make use of “Pulse” or what is called “LinkedIn Today.” 

Each time you post an update it gets displayed on the feed of your connections feed and to the feed of all your connections.

You can share your expertise and ask for their feedback.

Be a Thought Leader

If you have tried other methods that have not worked well and wondering how to generate leads on LinkedIn, be a thought leader. 

Showing your knowledge and expertise is the best way to be influential.

Whether it is about creating blog posts or indulging in discussions, you should aim at showcasing your knowledge or expertise.

Many people do the mistake of laying too much emphasis on their company.

To earn long-term SEO benefits, you should not make a sales pitch and should focus on writing elaborate and engaging LinkedIn posts.

Including CTAs and Links To the Site

You must include CTAs and link them back to your website.

You should try on grabbing the topic ideas and focus on expanding your thoughts.

The aim should be to create detailed and meaningful posts that can help you establish a brand and as an identity.

Offering Free Tools to B2B Leads

If you have been in the industry for a good amount of time, you would obviously have a good number of connections.

These leads can be offered to the right people that can help you in turn.

You can make use of the exhaustive search functions of LinkedIn to find out the leads that people are looking for.

Creating LinkedIn Advertisements

Though LinkedIn is a very powerful Social Media Platform and a lot of people have been using it successfully to generate leads but a lot of other people are using it the wrong way.

Though the above-given tips and tricks to generate LinkedIn leads work well but you have to work for at least 20 minutes a day for doing the right things on LinkedIn.

You can consider investing in running LinkedIn Ads that give sure shot results. Those who are wondering how to generate leads from LinkedIn for free can make use of the above given tips.

Bottom line

There is no denying of the fact that LinkedIn is the most powerful platform for generating leads if used in the right way.

Following the above-given comprehensive guide to generating leads with LinkedIn will be helpful to you if you are the one who has been trying it for some time without seeing much success.

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