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Top 9 Qualities of the High Performing Recruitment Website

The Recruitment process has undergone a sea change and has evolved significantly from what it used to be a decade back. Technology is advancing constantly and websites are now much more intuitive to serve both employers and job-seekers efficiently.
How a recruitment website design should be and what are its essential components that ensure its success in Search Engines?
Owing to stiff competition, employers are on a constant hunt for top talents and hence they turn to recruitment websites that are ranked high on Google.

Here are the top qualities of a good recruitment website that pleases Search Engines as well as its visitors.

1. Clean, Simple, Straightforward, and Easy to Navigate

Bombarding visitors with unnecessary plug-ins and whizzy features that serve hardly any purpose does not make the website look fancy.

It is a doorway to failure actually.

To pull in the tech-savvy crowd of this digital era, the website should look authoritative and trustworthy.

Users do not want to get confused.

They need simple, clean, and easy-to-navigate websites.

A good recruitment website appeals to attract and retains visitors.

Faster load times, uniformity in colors, easy to read text, and little to no pop-up ads are a few top qualities of good recruitment websites.

2. Color Combination is Just an Apt One

You will notice a common pattern in all the successful recruitment website designs.

These websites make use of blue, white, and black colors.

A majority of these websites also include a dash of orange and yellow color.

This is done for a reason!

A good recruitment website design that does great on Search Engines chooses color combinations wisely.

Blue color has a soothing impact on the brain.

The color has a corporate link and it looks elegant. Color white is used along with blue because it is cleaner, safer, and simpler.

Also, white with a combination of black means authority and power.

A splash of yellow and orange means happiness and energy.

3. A Clearly Visible Advanced Job Search Tool is incorporated

A job search tool is a very important component of recruitment websites. In a good recruitment website, it is clearly visible and it is sufficiently advanced to filter hundreds of job opportunities and present the job seekers with only the most relevant vacancies.
It gives an opportunity to the job seekers to search by location, by salary, job title, and other important factors so that they can find a suitable vacancy without making much effort.

4. Clear-cut Call to Action And Fuss-free Job Application Process

When the applicants are able to find suitable jobs with the help of a job search tool, they begin to wonder what to do next.

A good recruitment website design makes sure to have a clear-cut call to action process and a simple application process.

Apart from that, these websites need candidates to sign up to their accounts where all the basic and pertinent information, as well as resumes, are saved.

Once all this important information is collected and stored, applying for future jobs becomes easier and less tiresome.

5. A Stream-lined Process Both for Employers and Employees

Since recruitment websites cater both to the job hunters and the employers, a good website takes care that the need of both gets catered well.

It makes sure that everyone finds the right pages without any confusion.

This is an essential component of a recruitment website that does well on search engines.

It caters to the needs of both job seekers and job givers well.

It makes sure that everybody finds a way around the site with no confusion.

To avoid confusion most recruitment websites have two separate pages for each type of visitor to the website.

6. Statistic Reporting is An Essential Part

A great recruitment website will be able to provide visitors with all the suitable tools that report on the statistics and how the site is being used.

It gives an indication of how effective that website is.

7. It is Optimized Well

Even the most wonderful website design and functionality cannot do anything if the targeted audience fails to find the website on Search Engines.

Hence a well-performing recruitment website is optimized and taken care of on a regular basis so that it remains on the top searches.

Certain other things like social media connectivity etc. to let the visitors connect with multiple sources and to keep the website well-optimized are necessary ingredients of a successful recruitment website.

8. It is Responsive

With an increasing number of Smartphones and other hand-held devices users, it is important for a website to be responsive which means it should be equally available on Smartphones, iPad, notebooks, etc.

The best out of any site can be taken out only when it is responsive.

So, it is an important trait of a well-performing website.

9. It Ensures You Get Job Alerts On Time

Job alerts are a critical element of recruitment websites. Applicants visiting the site need them as it enables them to have a constant look at the opportunities. They get real-time feedback and can communicate with employers almost instantly.

These websites add RSS or Really Simple Syndication which enables the visitors to get updates on a regular basis either daily instantly or weekly whatever periodicity they choose.

Most of the top-performing recruitment websites incorporate RSS feed in their websites for activating job alerts.


To sum up, clarity in design, easy navigation, optimization, and simplicity of usage are the pillars that make a recruitment website successful.

High application rates, a good candidate conversion rate, and the willingness of both job seekers and job providers to return again and again are clear-cut indications that the website is among the top-performing ones.
Getting your recruitment website designed and optimized by professional experts ensures its success and consistent traffic with high conversion rates.

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