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Why good UI/UX design matters for your business’ success?

Capitalizing on the efficiency of UI/UX designs helps you create strong impressions, streamline design-redesign strategy, and significantly optimize the dollar spend. Through robust feedback mechanisms, good UI/UX paves way for a successful digital presence.

A strong digital presence is a mandate today for enterprises to offer a rich customer experience – flexible and remote access to products and services, streamlined buying, and appealing layouts. UI/UX incorporates this all and thus turns out to be a trailblazer for businesses. 

As the most important factor to succeeding in the digital era, UI/UX thus lets businesses enjoy immeasurable success.

This blog details why a good UI/UX design is essential to fetch tremendous operational and strategic gains.

Let’s first understand UI/UX in brief.

What is UI/UX?

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) often mentioned together as UI/UX are two distinct components of your website or app’s design.

While user interface deals with the layout, user experience, as the term goes, regulates the experience of visitors on your platform.

Top 8 reasons explaining the importance of UI/UX for your business

1. Maximizes Engagement

Streamlined, well-articulated, aesthetically appealing user interfaces (UIs) make visitors spend long durations on your platform.

Setting a long-lasting impression, rightly crafted UIs thus decrease bounce, while significantly maximizing the engagement.

Ensuring constantly improving engagement is essential not just for new visitors but also for existing customers.

A good UI/UX works as a game-changer here. 

Engagement is a function of flexibility to navigate on the site and discover the intended piece of content or information.

Right UI/UX helps you to streamline visitors’ journeys and create smooth and satisfactory funnels, thus justifiably making engagement directly proportional to its efficiency.

2. Enhances ROI

To talk in simple words, better engagement leads to higher traffic, higher conversions, which ultimately boosts the ROI.

As such, good UI/UX has much to do with how well your business can succeed.

How you are portraying your offerings on your website or app significantly affects the prospects buying decision. 

A truly workable UI/UX strategy apart from creating grabbing interfaces tremendously enhances business revenue.

In fact, exponentially growing ROI is a measure of determining the success of your UI/UX.

Walmart’s decision to completely revamp the design of their website, only to register a whopping 43% growth, bears testimony to this fact.

3. Streamlines usability

Ease of access is a critical factor when it comes to having an efficient web platform and the right user experience (UX) strategy facilitates that.

UI/UX brings to the table a result-producing user interface (UI) that enhances user experience (UX).

A website or an application that incorporates strong usability features helps provide a hassle-free experience to visitors.

Most importantly, a rightly implemented user experience (UX) strategy allows you to measure how visitors are tapping in your product or services, or specific piece of content on your platform.

This works as a tracking mechanism that lets you measure your progress towards a set goal. 

4. Increases conversion and retention

UI/UX drives increasing visitors and helps persuade them to invest in your offerings.

In fact, UI/UX strategies are nowadays the linchpin of the customer acquisition strategies for most online stores.

An eCommerce platform selling apparel with easy-to-use features, aesthetically appealing design merged well with product details quickly attracts buyers.

Better user interfaces (UI) and excellent user experience (UX) strategies streamline buyer journeys, thereby drawing more and more new customers.

Regards existing customers, your design plays a key role in remaining associated with your brand.

Notably, by iteratively evolving its UI/UX, Facebook registers a constant increase in the number of users, year over year.

5. Optimizes design spend

When you have a good UI/UX mechanism in place, you are confident that your customers are going to have a potentially useful experience.

With the least possibility of negative feedback, you wouldn’t be required to initiate additional efforts to drive corrective actions.

In short the better UI/UX, the lesser the updates required, and the lesser the operational cost.

UI/UX doesn’t only optimize design but streamlines the entire design-development-release cycle, thus saving a significant amount of dollars as well as resource hours.

Resource optimization is critical to the success of any process, and adopting and implementing potentially viable UI/UX practices lets you enjoy this success.

6. Improves SEO implementation

Your user interfaces (UI) and user experience (UX) strategies directly affect your SEO effectiveness.

Yes, this is true.

First of all user interfaces govern all the technical SEO factors like page load time, mobile-friendliness, multimedia support, domain authority, etc.

The simple reason is that UI/UX allows you to create designs that work equally excellently on desktop as well mobile devices.

When visitors get satisfactory experiences, they help you generate potentially valuable backlinks through promotion on various platforms.

User experience (UX) strategies help you build efficient ad campaigns and enhance engagement on landing pages, thus improving your Google search engine rankings.

7. Enhances brand credibility

In a constantly evolving competitive business landscape, if your website or application fails to offer a good user experience, you are bound to remain behind in the race.

UI/UX adoption helps you effectively build a brand proposition in your niche and ensures a steady stream of customers.

By successfully completing the engagement-acquisition-retention cycle, UI/UX plays a crucial role in ascertaining that customers commit long-term loyalty to your brand.

By establishing trust in your brand, user experience (UX) mechanisms drive seamless interactions that promote brand recognition.

Altogether, UI/UX shapes your branding strategies and helps you rightly map customers across the entire lifecycle. 

8. Generates referral traffic

The emergence of the virtual world hasn’t least affected the use of word-of-mouth publicity.

And when you have an impeccable UI/UX strategy in place, it lets people fall in love with your brand.

When they like your design and the experience it offers, they narrate these good experiences to people in their network. 

It is on social media that the word of mouth interactions get a new dimension because the word spreads rapidly.

So, good UI/UX designs generate quality recommendations, positive feedback, and encouraging comments that help generate enormous referral traffic.

Better social impression leads to more visitors and ultimately more sales.

The Bottom Line

In today’s digital landscape, irrespective of the magnitude of your business, it can never succeed without UI/UX.

Though you may be offering quality products and flawless services, the absence of good UI/UX keeps you behind.

This demands investing quality efforts in leveraging UI/UX to enhance the reputation of your business.
Think Big Digital has been a UI/UX implementation partner to the world’s leading companies, playing a pivotal role in their digital successes. Connect with us to discuss and streamline your websites and applications through our quality UI/UX solutions.

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