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Top 8 Recruitment Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

Being a recruitment business owner, if you dream of building a recruitment website that has high candidate application and conversion rates then you are just at the right place! 

Do you know what mistakes recruitment business owners make that prove to be hindrances to their success? 

Here we have put an effort to talk elaborately about the top recruitment website design mistakes that the best recruitment website designs avoid. 

1. They Focus on “Looking Good Factor” and Fail to Create a Strong Brand

Though appealing recruitment websites can make visitors stop at your website for some time, the blunder of compromising on purpose and functionality for making your website look appealing is a blunder.

If you want your recruitment website to give you the maximum returns, you should focus on creating a memorable brand that can leave a lasting impression and can make both the prospects and candidates think of your website as a brand more than just another recruitment website.

Everything right from the designing of a logo to an interactive UI should give an impression of utmost professionalism. 

2. They Fail to Put a Recruitment Blog

However good and meticulously designed recruitment website maybe it is likely to fail if it is not well optimized and does not show up on the top search results.

A best recruitment website agency knows the secret recipe to success and they keep on posting tons of content providing solutions of the candidates and how to overcome the challenges that clients face. A great recruitment blog that can generate interest and can make the visitors stop at the website is a must-have.

Providing e-mail marketing content, videos, webinars, podcasts, etc. to the visitors is a doorway to success and one of the biggest blunders that a recruitment website design service can make is to neglect it. 


3. Little Focus on Optimization

Putting on a lot of hard work is a waste of time if your recruitment websites fail to appear on the top searches. Little focus on optimization leads to a sure-shot failure.

A good recruitment website covers all the bases of sites’ onsite SEO demands like H1 headers, titles, and Meta descriptions after thorough research on Keyword to find what type of visitors are coming to your website.
Apart from that being active on top social media networks, on forums, and everywhere else where students and prospects interact is a great way to succeed.
However, a poorly performing recruitment website has hardly any focus on optimization.

4. To Forget Target Audience and Lump Everything Together

A recruitment website is meant both for recruiters and candidates looking for jobs. Information that candidates what is very different from what recruiters need.

But, many recruitment designs lump everything and the website seems messy.

Contrary to this, a good website design prompts the visitors to land upon the exact pages that they are looking for. 

Visitors just leave the site where they see a lack of professionalism and recruitment website design experts help them take appropriate actions.
Ensuring a simple user journey, a clear navigation bar, and assistance in taking relevant actions both for the candidates and prospects can help the recruitment website to perform well. 

5. Complex UI and Spaces Filled Somehow

Recruitments websites should have a simple-to-use Interface.

Most of the recruitment websites do a common blunder.

They put a stock photo of happy businessmen because it is easy to find and can be used as a filler.

However, this affects the website adversely.

A good website design conveys a message and has an authentic touch.

Just filling the website vacant spaces with stock photos give an impression of unprofessionalism. Vacant spaces can be used for highlighting important messages that you want your audience to get noticed.

Call to action is important and the best recruitment design and development agency makes sure to incorporate it.

This call to action can be used for landing the users on an important website page, to help them get in touch with you, etc. 

6. No Planning on Content Management

Content is very important for the success of any website and the planning of it should be made even before the website gets designed.

You should know what content should be best suited for the different website pages. 

There are a number of factors to consider like what type of content to feature and at what point in time users would want to view the information.

7. Confusing User Interface

In their bid to make their recruitment website too a good many agencies use a variety of images, themes, typefaces, and color palettes, and none of this co-relate. This happens when the designing agency lacks professionalism or does not have a strong idea about the brand image.

They fall into the trap of too many design templates and try to use most of them.

Besides, it also happens when these website designing agencies try to convey too many ideas and do not view the site holistically.

This leads to confusion and the design becomes devastating. 

8. Navigability Issues

Clear navigation is the soul of any successful recruitment website.

A poorly performing recruitment website always has navigability issues that kill its popularity and people tend to leave these sites as soon as they come because their purpose of coming to the site does not get fulfilled. 

Making navigation bar hard to find is one of the top recruitment website design mistakes that should be strictly avoided. 

Meaningless fluff, confusing UI, hidden navigation poorly managed content, no call to action are the mistakes that lead to failures.

Recruitment is a crowded marketplace. The best recruitment website design services put their best foot forward to make websites accurate, easy to navigate, concise, and a straight-talking brand image of your businesses.

After all, your recruitment website does not appear like a bunch of CVs trying to score high on the level of competence.


Hiring the best recruitment website design services that can be a savior and can help you retain your brand identity is a wise decision. 

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