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Why Good Web Design is Important, and Why You Need It?

We do not like to judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, this mantra fails in the online business world!

Rewind your life to a few years back when just by having a website could make you the top of the lot.

This notion, however, is now passé.

As per data, an average online buyer will today complete 57% of his buying before he even comes in contact with a salesman.

And if you are into a small business then this is a huge number which you may have no control over.

Until of course, you are capable of influencing this decision-making before you get into the next stage of a one on one conversation.

The good news is that you do have control of this decision-making process.

How your website looks and your online presence are key factors that influence a buyer’s decision making.

Online sales have increased exponentially.

Today, it is not just sufficient to have an online presence but you need your website to be a strategic tool that is able to give your potential customers an idea of your brand at just a glimpse. 

This narrows down to the same thing again?

A beautifully designed website is what you need to be able to compete in this online world.

Do not trust me still? Here are a few stats to let you perceive the importance of a beautiful website:

The quality and credibility of your business is decided in just a fraction of a second by your website visitors.

An outdated and old website impacts client acquisition and this amount are colossal.

Here are some statistics that can be an eye-opener if you are still questioning your decision of hiring a professional to design your website.

  • It takes a prospective customer 0.05 seconds to make an opinion on whether or not they like your site. This is the time that you get to form the first impression of your brand to a likely client.
  • 57% of the internet users will not recommend your website to others if the site is poorly designed on mobile or website. A website that is not able to offer an optimal user experience losses referrals and thus business.
  • 85% of adults want the website to work as seamlessly on the mobile device as it works on the desktop. Again, the timeline to achieve this is just 0.05 seconds.
  • 38% of users will stop using a website that does not offer an attractive layout and interesting content.
  • One bad experience on a website means that 88% of the users will never return back to the site again.
  • 47% of the users will not wait for more than 2 seconds of loading time for a website.
  • 75% of online consumers believe that the design of the company website is what they use to judge the credibility of the company.
  • It just takes 2.6 seconds for an average user to land on the website area that lets him make his impression. The landing page then lets them make an idea about the quality of the website.
  • On average it takes 15 minutes for a user to consume the website content. Two-thirds of them will not read further if the content is not beautiful.
  • 46% of consumers say that the visual appeal and the aesthetics of the website let them make a decision about the credibility of the brand

All the stats above point to one and the same thing. If you want to be in business and move ahead of your peers then a beautiful website is non-negotiable.

Rushing to make your website stand out? Here are a few factors to keep in mind.

An online presence is more crucial than an offline presence today.

And if you have understood that web design is vital to stay in business then you also know that a small mistake in website designing can cost you a lot of money.

Worry not as listed below are the key factors that should not be ignored when designing a business website.

Take care to understand that the visitor will look for a blend of user-friendliness and aesthetics on your site.

Building your brand identity

Reflect the persona of your business through your website.

This is what will let your customers recognize your brand instantly and also create a positive association with you.

Use your website to bring in all the visual elements that combine to make your brand image.

Target your audience

You need a website for your audience and this is the key goal that you should not sway away from.

Know who your audience is and when designing your website focus on the queries or solutions that your target audience would wish to seek through your site.

This is your first step to create an outline of the website design that you should be aiming for.

Easy navigation

A beautifully laid out website makes it easy to navigate through the site and also lets the visitors find information easily.

This is crucial to retain your visitor.

A cluttered site with cumbersome navigation tabs and stuffed content may make your visitors switch to your competitor site.

Aim for a simplified website that makes it easy for an average user to surf through.

Uploading speed

Users are impatient and if your website takes time to upload then they have already waved you a bye.

Website speed is critical and the page should not take more than three or five seconds to upload.

Looks do sell

Looks sell in the online business world.

The functionality of your website comes second; looks stand ahead in line.

If your website aesthetics do not impress the visitor then you have lost business.

Aim to make the website look simple but attractive.

Overdoing the color schemes and uploading tons of images and content will only fail to impress your visitor.

Content is king

After the users have liked the look of your site and are happy with its functionality you need to pass the next hurdle of your content being judged.

Engaging and compelling content is what customers look for and video contents are preferred over written content.

If the content on your site is relevant, fresh and original then your visitors would want to stay for some more time.

Making your website SEO friendly is also crucial for a higher search engine ranking.

Call to action

Including a call to action is the best way in which you can convert website visits.

Visitors who stay on your site for a long time have a higher chance of becoming potential clients.

Thus call to action is essential to encourage your visitors to stay a little more.

This can be achieved by filing up a query form or asking your visitors to sign up on the site.

Mobile friendly

Smartphones are in and users want to view a website on the go.

It thus makes it vital to ensure that your website design is compatible with mobile as well as on a desktop or laptop.

This is what will appeal to a wide audience.

However, if a website works well on the computer then it does not automatically translate to working well on your mobile.

Under maintenance sites

A website under maintenance gets easily surpassed.

Every page on your website should work all the time. Downtime is not allowed in the online industry.

Ensure that you set up a 24-hour support system so that any problem is addressed without delay.

Contact information

Your website should mandatorily have your contact details.

Nothing makes a customer cross than to not being able to contact you if desired.

Make sure that the user can reach you easily form every page.

Your website is the hub of your virtual presence

Make your website credible and let it compete in the global market which can be achieved only when your site reflects your personality. 

A few decades back it would have been unimaginable to run your business without a physical address but that is not the case today.

Today, a company operating without a digital presence is inconceivable and this creates the demand for a professional and aesthetically appealing website. 

A beautiful website is what creates a lasting memory. Whether you are a startup or a large scale company, the benefits of an appealing website are many.

Hire a professional website design company that knows the secrets of the business and is aware of the continuously changing scenario in the online business world to make sure that they take you many steps ahead of your competitors. 

The internet is flooded with sites, all craving for attention.

One wrong step could change the outlook of your brand completely.

A professional website design company nails your website to ensure that it speaks volumes about the brand that is operating behind the scene.

Let's build something great together😎

Turn your ideas into reality. Get a brand design that your customers will love.

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