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Hiring Freelancers vs A Good Website Design Company. Which is the Best?

Imagine hiring just a mason to build your house!!

However experienced that mason may be, you cannot expect him to build a house single-handedly.

Similar is the case when you hire just a freelancer website designer to build your website.

An official website is your online identity which you use to serve many purposes like capturing leads, impressing your clients, enhancing sales, and a lot more. 

If you have a minimal budget and wondering how hiring web designers will not meet your goals then read on to find out.

Here we have come up with a detailed view of why hiring a freelancer is a waste of time and money.

Of course, there are certain pros of hiring an individual for building your website as well but the cons outweigh its advantages.

Let us begin with the Pros of hiring web designers.

Pros of hiring web designers

You have to Shell Out Lesser Money

The first and the foremost obvious benefit of hiring a freelance web designer is that you save money.

Contrary to the large and reputed web designing companies, they will charge you way lesser. 

Urgent Work Can be Dealt With More Easily

A freelance person can work any time and whenever required.

The flexibility of schedule is a great advantage especially when the designer and clients are in different time zones. 

Ease of Communication

A freelancer is one specific contact and if he/she is a trustworthy one you can have complete ease in communicating.

Contrary to this, when you contact a big company, you have to coordinate with several departments and may have to face many hassles. 

But, if you have made up your mind to hire a freelancer, make thorough research on how to hire a good web designer. Here is a piece of good information on the same.

Cons of Hiring a Freelance Website Designer

Hiring a freelance website designer can prove to be a pain in the back.

If you are not well-prepared or do not have the prior idea of working with a freelancer then hiring them is not advisable. Here are a few cons attached to hiring a freelance website designer

A lot of Risks are involved

Unless a freelancer is highly rated and trusted, hiring him/her will be highly risky.

Most freelancers work of their own will.

They can be arbitrary, can be overburdened with work, can mess up with your work, can lack the desired expertise, and a lot more. 

Besides that, they may not have the same level of commitment as you need or they can quit your project in between leaving you a lurch. There can be hundreds of other problems with a freelance website designer.

They Are Not Easy to Manage

Freelancers are not easy to manage.

Unlike the employees of a company, they are not organized and can have several tasks in hand from different sources.

Apart from that, they can have issues with the time-management and can come up with excuses for work not being done on time or not being done at all.

Quality of work can also be compromised. 

You Get Compromising Quality

Freelancers do not take guarantee top-quality work.

They work independently and can do anything which can help them save money.

Hiring web designers who work as freelancers indeed costs you way lesser but there is no guarantee of only the high-quality work done.

The quality they render can be sub-standard and they may be able to fulfill your customization needs as well.

Moreover, when you hire a freelance website designer, you cannot expect to get all the tasks right from designing to developing, content creation, and recurring digital marketing services done.

Lack of Support

Once your project is done you cannot expect technical support from them.

Moreover, you can hire a freelance designer or a developer as well.

But, if your site faces downtime, you cannot expect to get support or back-ups from a freelancer. 

There is Little or No Accountability

Freelance website designers are there in the market to earn money.

They rarely have any public reviews.

If they have posted their portfolio on the job or freelancing sites, you cannot trust the same as there will be positive reviews only.

Like a full-fledged website design and development company, they do not have to make their brand image and hence they have little or no accountability. 

Even in today’s marketplace filled up with freelancers, it is impossible to find a freelancer that is 100% trustworthy. There are always chances of their disappearing or not contacting you at all once the project is done.

You Need to Hire Several Freelancers to Get the Project Done

Hiring just a freelance website designer is not sufficient. Building a website needs several things.

Sometimes you need to hire several freelancers like front-end developers, content writers, back developers, and even QA analysts. 

Hiring multiple people and managing them can be a painstaking task. It is good to have a project given to a company where all your needs can get catered professionally. 

You May Lose Domain and Hosting Ownership

Most business enterprises do this mistake, especially the first-timers.

They enable freelancers to get full liberty in handling website development. 

Freelancers handle their domain registration and owners fail to understand that they need to take back the ownership of domain registration.

When they forget to get the domain transferred to their registrar account, they cannot renew the domain in the future.

Once their project is done, freelancers do not take the pain of informing clients about domain and hosting renewal. 

You Have to Incur Additional Charges

You think that hiring web designers saves money and this seems to be the most luring thing to you.

However, you need to pay additional charges from time to time.

For instance, you may have to hire additional people to get the whole project done.

Besides that, freelance web designers do not have access to Stock photos like an agency has and therefore they charge their clients for the purchase of stock photos. 

There can be other additional charges as well and you will not get any website maintenance support.

A Contract Has to Be Drafted By You

When you hire a freelance website designer, you will need to draft a contract.

If you have picked up that freelancer from site development agencies, you will be able to get precise deadlines and details of other deliverables.

If you have any special needs or terms that you want freelancers to follow then you should draft a contract. 

They Do Not Expect to Get Recurring Services

Do not expect to get the best value for your money when you hire a freelance designer.

While you can expect them to get an appealing website made, they are not well-versed with the actual aesthetic design and they do not have the idea of advertising and marketing. 

If you want to set your site up for success and need recurring help for SEO and digital marketing services, you will need to hire a website design company. 

Here are a few more pros and cons of hiring freelance web designers.

Do You Know What Is Involved In Building A Website? 

Web design and development are broken down into three key areas and many people do not know this. Here is a quick view:

Front-end Development

This process involves converting data to a more interactive graphical interface with the help of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript so that the users can take a look and interact with that data. 

Back-end Development

The back-end is a server-side of an application and everything that communicates between the browser and the database.

Back-end development means how that particular website will come into being and how it will run, operate, and function. 

Database Technology

This particular term in web development means gathering information, storing, organizing, and processing it in such a useful way that users can go back and find out what they want. 

All these three areas of web development depend on what particular goals your website wants to meet. 

Ask These Questions to the Freelance Website Designer You Want to Hire

As a business enterprise, you will want your money to be put in just the right direction.

There are certain basic things like how long they have been in the industry, their area of expertise and their experience etc. 

Apart from that, you can ask for the most recent website designs and any other photo editing files that the freelancers have on their portfolios to verify that the designs are theirs. That apart, you should also get hold of the testimonials of their previous clients and get to know about their ratings.

Make sure to ask questions like these from the freelancer you want to hire:

  • Do you charge extra for stock photos and any other security measures or is it included in a one-time fee? 
  • Are you open to revisions and how many revisions can you offer at a time?
  • If the quality is not up to my satisfaction even after multiple revisions, will you refund the entire money? 
  • Can you handle malware or any similar issue once it crops up after launching the website?
  • Here is some more useful information on how to hire a good freelance website developer:

Advantages of Hiring a Good Web Design Company over Freelancers

Getting a website done is a huge task.

There may be plenty of workflows that a freelancer may find difficult to handle.

Hence the need of hiring a website company is felt always.

Designing a website does not mean just getting it built.

Since the website is your online identity and helps your business grow, continual work has to be done on it.

Right from designing to optimizing and keeping it secure from hackers and malware, a good website design company takes care of all! When you compare freelancers vs. good companies, you will find a lot of advantages of hiring a company that is difficult to ignore.

Companies Have Better Understanding of the Industry

A robust online presence is essential for building your business and it begins with an official website.

It is important to understand how the industry works and the right strategies for designing, optimizing, and maintaining websites that can engage the audiences and improve conversions. 

On the other hand, most freelancers work for earning extra money.

They may have skills, expertise, and experience but those skills will be related to designing or development only. You can hardly expect them to work continually on your website for increasing engagement rate and conversions. 

You Are Sure to Get Your Project Delivered On Time

Most of the people who hire freelance website designers make a complaint about not getting work delivered on time or difficulty in getting revisions done whereas a company has in-house resources and is worried about its brand image getting affected by not delivering tasks on time. 

Apart from that, you can expect them to get your website optimization and customization needs to be fulfilled. 

Get a Full-fledged Customer Care Service

You may or may not reach freelancers all the time and there may be difficulty in communicating your messages or putting up your queries.

Contrary to this, a good website design company has an entire staff that can be reached out to any time of the day for queries and doubts. 

It Will Always Stick Around to Your Website

Freelancers do not stick around your website once the task is done, they will move ahead with the other one.

On the other hand, you can expect to get support assistance easily when you hire a website design company.

A company will always take care of your exact requirements, will be more than willing to take up revision work, and will charge you a one-time fee only as they have all the resources and do not need to buy additional things for you. 

You can expect better quality, credibility, and better support when you hire a good website design company. 

In short,

Hiring a freelancer or a website design company is totally at your discretion.

However, when you hire a good website design company, you will be saved from a lot of troubles and can trust it as a dependable partner not only for getting your website designed but also for maintaining, optimizing, and securing it.

Websites promote you 24X7; no other employee will do that.

So it’s better to be wise and not just get your websites built somehow.

Get a website built that sells and promotes you by a good website design company only. 

Let's build something great together😎

Turn your ideas into reality. Get a brand design that your customers will love.

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